Friday, August 5, 2011

Disney World Best Buddies - Color connection # 10

Here are some of the many things that we brought home from our fun-filled experience in Disney World. Mom and Dad bought us this bouncing ball and paddle. It helped us entertain while waiting for our flight, especially my brother.
Cool stuff that Tita Demcy gave us, thanks Tita. I forgot to take picture of the puzzle and other things.

Just like Mickey and Minnie, Akesha and I were always together during our five days stay in Orlando Florida. My brother and I would forever cherish the fun-filled memories that we had in Disney World.
Akesha also gave me a necklace, it is half of the heart that she has on her necklace. My pendant says BEST while hers says FRIENDS. I hope that we could be BESTFRIENDS forever.


  1. so cute of your disney collectibles... my sis got Spongebob collection

    oh by the way here's my CC entry sorry it took me awhile

  2. how sweet of akesha. good luck to the new found friendship between you two:)

  3. cute stuffs and nice supermodel post. here with my color connection entry. here:

  4. awwwwwwww....those are cute!

    will publish mine soon...:)

  5. linking up to color connection,ms burrito. will visit other entries tonight. must go out in a jiff:)

  6. cute presents you have here little miss. so sweet of your tita Dhemz.

  7. Wow cute naman .. Love the present Akesha gave you so sweet.

  8. Oh how sweet! This is a perfect picture of "Best Friends". Thanks for stopping by my page sweet.. Here to follow you. Can't wait to read more from your cute blog.


  9. aaawww...what a sweet post!Hope the two of you remains friends forever ^_^

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  11. That is so nice that you found the best of friends with each other mine is up for MYM SAHM’s Online Diary, I hope you can visit Rye. Thanks

  12. These are charming items, Ganda! It's great to know that you've found a bestfriend in another equally beautiful missy, Akesha.

    Hugs to you and your Mom.

    Love yah!

  13. Very cute souvenir !
    ABC team

  14. my little girl is crazy over mickey mouse and the whole playhouse gang, she'll surely love to see this snaps and id never hear the end of "momi, wanna buy me pens and crayons just like that one", hehehe

    enjoy the rest of the week, he're my OT entry for this week

  15. Suppose I should take the child to a Disney park someday.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  16. thank for joining burrito!
    you and akesa look beautiful..
    at wow! tingnan si si minnie at mickey kasama nyo pa..


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