Friday, September 23, 2011

Pixie Dress Up - Color Connection # 3

Welcome to the third Color Connection. I would like to thank everyone for joining last week. Please invite your friends your friends to join us, thank you!
P.S. Next weeks linky will be at Tita Dhemz.

My entry this week is Tinkerbel. I dressed her up in the computer and I took a picture of it. Next time, I will show you my Daddy's drawing of the pixies which I colored.
My latest favorite game is dressing up the pixies.


  1. wow, if its ok can you give me the site of that game? my kiddo will sure love that too...

    can't wait to see those pixies you colored...

    have a great weekend!

  2. You did a great job,Rylie!So cute and colourful!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. hi ms burrito, how was ur week? entered 2 posts today, one is phto of my lil niece, adrianne and the other one...a post from my vanity corner..bear with my kaartehans, haha

  4. Hi Little Miss Blogger, I am linking up. What happen to Tinkerbel's outfit hehehe. ust kidding.

  5. Hi Ms. Burrito, Tinkerbell's outfit is so cute. That looks like a fun game.

  6. are really doing well:) regards to tinkerbel:)

    mine is up pretty one!

  7. Hello Mommy Rose..yes it will die if you put it outside our summer here is too hot. Just put it somewhere inside right at the window. The morning sun is fine and at least kung sa loob minsan pag mainit na talaga sa labas pwede tayo makapag-aircon so malamigan din yung orchid.
    My first here nice meme like to find vivid colors too!! ^_^


  8. very cute! great job Rye...:) have a great weekend...regards to your mom! mwah...:)

  9. I thought Tink love green anak? Hehehe am just kidding, you can dress it up the way you want of course.

  10. if i got a daughter, ito din ipalaro ko..he..he..nice way to develop creativity to children...

    joining for the first time:) grabbed the badge and placed in my memes page...

  11. It looks like a nice game. Visiting from Color connection. Here's my entry. Thank you and See you around.

  12. really, you love that too Ry, wow.. I think almost all girls love Tinker... hahaha... late entry ;)

  13. look like a nice game...i'm sure you really enjoyed using it! joining late...happy father's day to your dad! :)

  14. My lil sis Mirasol used to play this kind of flash games too and now she's hooked with Angry birds LOL
    happy blogging
    Here's my Entry by the way...
    sorry for submitting it late

  15. Hi sweetie. sorry for my late entry. cutie tinkerbell! Nice job. you are doing great in all your posts!
    will visit participants later..

  16. Good job ms. burrito .. joining again sorry for the late posting.

    My Color Connection

  17. Hi, I like tinkerbell too! Can you give me the website so I can play dress up too? Thanks! ;)

    my Color Connection is here!

  18. Wow, well done ms. burrito. You're such a good girl.

    -Scoop and Snap


It's always a pleasure to read what you have to say! Thank you!

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