Wednesday, June 23, 2021

EJ's 13th Birthday

I am not up-to-date when it comes to my children's milestones for the past couple of years.  I am not as active in writing  important events anymore.  My  computer have crashed so I didn't have the means to download pictures.  My phone no longer have  storage so even if I have online access, I wasn't able to write  as much as I would have liked.  Anyway, my son turned 13  and then 14 and  I still haven't written about it.  Glad my husband got me a laptop for Mother's Day, now I can slowly start writing again.

EJ is very emotional so every time we  write him a letter, he  can't help but tear up when he reads it.
He wanted a pair of purple vans shoes so that's what we got him for his  birthday.  We also got him few items that he likes.
I always write an emotional letter to my kids on their birthday and it always make EJ cry.  I think it ios sweet when they can connect to you emotionally.
I hate to think that I have been neglecting  to write about my children's important milestone.  Time will come that I will no longer remember things as I get older.  I hope these little things that I posted will remind me of the great memories that we have had.

Dearest EJ,

I am sorry that your Mom isn't up-to-date with things anymore, please forgive me.  Always remember that you will always be my sweet baby boy.  I love you to the moon and back .


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