Thursday, August 23, 2018

Eventful Summer of 2018 for our Children

This summer is full of fun for the kiddos, they got to experience a lot of things.  This was a school break where non-stop activities just keep pouring for my kids.   Not only  that they got to experience fun stuff, they also did some volunteering jobs and be part of some  important event that  has a big impact in their lives.  We also did a lot of "first-time" activities so this is really a jam-packed summer.
One of the boys from my daughter's class  loves playing pool tricks.  In just six months, he already broke  the  Guiness World Record for a Jump Pot of a Billiard Ball.  My daughter witnessed his successful  attempt and was happy  for the support that she gave her friend.  
For the first time, they  experienced the  adrenaline rush in White Water Rafting that we did in Hartford Tennessee.  It was a lot of fun!

This  was also their first experience in Horse Backriding.  We did it on our second day in Pigeon Forge.
Our  Tenessee trip was a blast.  We got to do a lot of things.
Kentucky was also fun.  We went to the Newport Aquarium.
Our trip to Moundsville was not really for leisure but we made it fun and educational.  
Another year of Amish exploration for us.  We can't let a year pass by without visit the Amish Place in Ohio, this time we went on a different one, we went to a bigger one which is the  Walnut Creek .  Amish   place  really brings us  a relaxing feeling that we don't  get driving around here in the city.  There is something out there that's so calm and enjoyable.
For a  couple of hours, we drove through North Carolina after our white water rafting  fun in Hartford Tennessee.  It was really nice seeing two states in one day.
We live near Pittsburgh and we have been there so many times but we have never been to their state park in the middle of the city.  In fact we didn't know about Point State Park until this year so it was nice  seeing it for the first time.  

North Star Tiki is  between Pittsburgh and  the city where we live but we have never been there before.  My daughter's  class held their  end-of-the-year party there so we all got to go and see the place.  We had a lot of fun there as well.

We have been to so many places in Ohio but not in Cincinnati so we were glad that the place we stayed at in Kentucky was near Cincinnati.
We got to see their International Friendship Park and get to enjoy the  thriving arts scene all around the city and we got to bond with the Dias Family.
Before leaving Pigeon Forge, we  dropped by at Gatlinburg a little bit and enjoy the scenery and shopped a little bit.

We participated at the campus clean up project that was spearheaded by one of my son's classmates.
We volunteered to help at the church's fund raising event where donated items were sold at the annual rummage sale that was held at the school gymnasium.
For the first time, we  were part of the 4th of July parade, we joined the Pro Life group.
This is the  second time  my daughter volunteered for the Vacation Bible school.  She usually helps with the arts and crafts.
This was the first year where the volleyball coach from my kids school formed a team and participated to the summer program of the Pittsburgh Elite Volleyball.  Their last fun activity was going to a fair with their friends.
They have been back to school for a week now so I feel like the summer break went flew by so quickly.  Now they are back to their regular routine for school, violin lessons, and juijitsu.  My daughter's  volleyball season have started already so they will be very busy with school related  functions again.


  1. What a fun-filled summer for your family! It's always fun when the kids get to experience so many different activities during summer break. It's hard to believe that summer is winding down and the kids are all back in school.

  2. I remember reading about so many of your summer adventures. A very successful fun packed summer. Time to settle into a school routine now.

  3. What a fun Summer you all had and I would like to take my family Horseback Riding and also on a White Water Rafting Trip one day. Congrats to her friend on his accomplishment that was incredible.

  4. You did have a wonderful summer with your kids. We did too and I cherish every minute I have with my kiddos. I know it's not going to go forever and so I savor it. It looks like you are doing a wonderful job savoring your children too. I love all the trips you went on.

  5. What an active family and these are the things that the kids will always remember. Packed with such fun.

  6. It looks like you had a fun summer! You did a lot. I really hope we can make it to Pigeon Forge one day. My kids went back to school today, so our summer activities are over!

  7. Of all the things we did with our kids, our daughter remembers white water rafting as the most fun experience!

  8. You guys had such a fun-filled summer. My kiddos start back school next week and football has already started.

  9. It sure does sound like you had a busy and memorable summer. We used to have a couple of places locally were you could rent a horse and ride trails when I was younger, they're all gone now.

  10. Well,you all sure had a wonderful summer! All of the things you did look like fun! I'd love the horseback riding for sure.

  11. I am so glad their summer was filled with fun! That is the only way to do it anyway!

  12. What a wonderful summer for the kids! I love the fact that they were able to do an experience so much in just one summer! I'm sure they'll remember these for the rest of their lives!

  13. Sounds like y'all had a super busy and super fun summer!!! Great memories!!

  14. So nice of your daughter to support her friend, that's an amazing record! It's awesome that you had a jam-packed summer with the kids! There's nothing better than making memories!

  15. It's so nice that the kids got to do a lot of things this summer! Your daughter's really sweet for supporting her friend, what an amazing record! You did a lot this summer that the kids will remember forever!

  16. Can see you all had a great summer. I am sure the kids had a whale of a time. What I really liked is that the kids also spent time volunteering which is so nice.

  17. That's so fun that you were able to take them horseback riding for the first time. What an awesome experience!

  18. Wow! You had a summer full of beautiful events and interesting activities! It seems that you had a lot of fun together! I love these wonderful family moments!

  19. Wow your kids sure had an activity packed summer. The more adventures they have while they are still young makes for a much more well rounded child I say!

  20. That was a fun and busy summer for your family. Congratulations to Theo for breaking the world record. Grabe ang lalaki na nila. Ang bilis ng panahon, parang kelan lang nung magumpisa tayong magblog ang liliit pa nila.

  21. Looks like you had a pretty full and interesting summer :) I can't help but also notice, Sis, how your kids have grown up. I think I first visited your blog way back in 2011 when I started blogging and saw your family adventures and stories via your blog. All the best to you and your fam bam :)


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