Thursday, May 19, 2016

Delight Your Children this Year with a Summer Holiday in France

As the summer holidays from school are quickly approaching, the kids are getting more and more excited about where you’ll go as a family to enjoy some much needed quality time together. Of course, the little ones aren’t quite looking at it that way. To them, it’s time to have mum and dad all to themselves in a new place where there’s loads to explore.

This summer, why not delight your children with a summer holiday in France? Close enough to home to spend little time travelling, child friendly holidays in France allow you to spend more time playing and less time en route. That extra time can be spent doing what a family should be doing on holiday – spending time together having fun.

The Joys of Making New Friends in France

Kids do treasure those moments with mum and dad but they are also curious by nature. They adore meeting new friends and will take every opportunity to chat with other kids their own age, even on family holidays. No matter where you choose to take your break, it’s sure to be different from home and kids will delight in seeing new sights, going on fun adventures as a family and of course giggling their way through trying to communicate with other kids who probably speak very little English. Many parents even start the fun weeks in advance by teaching kids a few basic words in French like “Hello” and phrases like “My name is…… What is yourname?”

Quiet Time in a Self-Catering French Gite

If you are going to spend your entire summer holiday in France, you probably would have the best time by booking a self-catered Gite in some luxurious location in the South of France. Not only is the weather wonderful for outdoor activities but the accommodations in a resort like Mas de Thau where kids can play in fields of flowers, visit vineyards that grow the grapes from which some of the best French wines are made and enjoy facilities especially set up for children to play in and explore, are perfect.

What to Do with Younger Children and Infants Whilst You Explore?

Those families that have younger children who tire easily or are yet a bit too young to participate in some of the family’s outings will be thrilled to spend a bit of time in fun-filled crèche where nanny will see to story time, puppets, snacks and keeping the little ones entertained with age appropriate activities whilst mum and dad go exploring with the older kids. There really is something for everyone when you stay at a French gite so you needn’t worry that the little people won’t be having their share of fun. In fact, many parents come home from France looking for a crèche back home that is exciting as the one in France!

So then, whether you have one child or several in a wide range of ages, you can plan a holiday in France at a self-catering gite so that you have plenty of time for family gatherings and a bit of one-on-one time with each and every child. This is time your kids will remember always, and there is no place like France for a summer holiday. Yes, it is quite close to home but you’ll travel less and have more time with the family. What a wonderful way to strengthen those family bonds while having the time of your life. If you haven’t booked yet, now’s the time to do so. Summer really is just around the corner.

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