Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Catholic School Week 2016

Once a year, Catholic schools celebrate the Catholic school week.  This year's  theme is "Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service."  They have activities  from Monday to  Friday last week.  Monday was Student Day.  The students have  free dress (no uniform-day) which  kids love because they always wear uniform everyday so they enjoy  free dress day.  Aside from that, they also had  free HOT lunch, which I totally forgot so I packed my kids their own lunches lol.  They also have Ice cream sundaes so it's a total treat for the students.  
 Tuesday  was the Open House day.  Friends and family can come to school and sit in the classroom  and  see how teachers and  kids interact.
 This year, I love that all the teachers include the parents in their  classroom activities.  We were part of the discussion, games, and lecture.  You know how that goes when you get ambushed with  questions that you haven't heard for a long time lol.  
 We enjoyed hearing the  kids sing as well.  We attended their music class and the kids were really into it.
 My son was  so stuffy that day but he chose to go because he did not want to miss the fun in school.
 After attending our daughter science class, we went to the computer where they  each students did a presentation of what they think about the school, the teachers, and all other things.  Most of them  have a great sense of humor in the presentation they did.  I wish we had computer class back when I was a kid, it would  have been nice.
 Next was the Math class.  The teacher  encourage the  parents to team up with their child to do a problem on the board, I thought that was nice too.
 So glad to see our children enjoying their elements in school.
 The one thing I love about the school is the camaraderie between the parents, the school employees and teachers, and the students.  That's one big advantage when  the school is a small community, everybody knows everybody.
 On Wednesday, there was a mass attended by all including parents , friends and family.  Thursday was  Teacher's day, children got the chance to bring a little something for their teachers.
 The most fun part for the kids is the last day.  They get to dress up  in 50's style.  My daughter wore the poodle  skirt and shirt that  she had  a couple of years ago and our son  mimic the outfit in the movie Grease.
 We bought him a pleather (plastic leather) jacket at Sears.  To complete the look, he wore a pair of sunglasses.
It was a fun day to wrapped the whole week of celebration.  Shadow Shots


  1. I miss school uniforms even today, it compels the students to look, and perhaps act more studiously in school. The poodle skirt is so 1950s - which is why it looks so cool! EJ looks even cooler!

  2. Cute. Looks like a great time for all.
    Have a Happy Day!
    Peace :)

  3. Your daughter at the computer looks completely startled!

  4. My kids go to public school, so I had no idea Catholic schools did this. I wonder if the ones around here do it, too?

  5. Love their costumes! I do not go to a Catholic school but we do go to a private school. I do know what big of a deal it is not to have to wear uniform one day.

  6. Catholic school weeks looks like fun. I am for kids wearing uniforms in school keep the fights down cute.

  7. Cute 50's costumes! It's always fun to get the chance to visit your kids school.

  8. Looks like they really enjoy school and do a lot of fun things!

  9. I love the 50's style outfits! SO cute! You nailed them, and got the accessories right on, too!

  10. What a fun celebration in school. It feels so nice to be able to see how your kids are doing at school, doesn't it? It gives you a hint of what it's like during their regular days. Love the last part! The outfits are so adorable!

  11. I came from a Public school so i didn't know about the Catholic school, But the way to look at it, this really looks great and They totally enjoy.

  12. That's a fun celebration. My kids will really love it.

  13. my daughter's previous never had this before, i guess because they all in different religions. nice to see this activity with the families

  14. I went to catholic school from k-8 and had a blast! love this!!

  15. Love the Grease outfits on them. They are so cute!

  16. What a great experience. I love the they bring you to the school and involve yo in what is going on.


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