Wednesday, January 20, 2016

EJ's BIrthday Gifts #iseemebooks

On the morning of EJ's 9th birthday, he woke up and looked around and was bummed out that he did not see any gifts.  I did not want him to see what he got until he comes home from school so I did not wrap them yet.  When  they left to school, that's when I wrapped  all of them up.
He was pretty pleased when he arrived from school and saw the stack of gifts  waiting for him in the living room.  
 I made him an organizer for his hot wheels car  from  upcycled empty boxes.  I am glad he liked it.
 His sister, Ate Rylie got him a nautica shirt and a star war shirt which he liked.
 I stopped having birthday parties for my kids when they started  going to school.  It's just something that hubby and I agreed upon, to just take them somewhere for their birthday every year.  We went to Kalahari for his 9th birthday.
 We also got him this Avengers pillow which he  love.
 And the bean bag that he wanted.
 I mistakenly ordered the small bean bag online so his is not as big as his sister's but he was okay with it.
 A big thank you to the Dias family for always remembering  our special occasion.  They never failed to  send us  presents no matter what occasion it is.  Thank you!
Thanks also to Tita Chris and Tita Gail for the cash gift which he  put in his savings.  He has been saving all his money to buy his first car lol.  I love that he is starting to have a vision about saving and not spending his money  for  things that doesn't really matter.   For the best part, I also got him a personalized book from iSeeMe.
 I gave this to him a little late but it was a perfect timing when it arrived.  He was upset when he came home from school because he thought he messed up the test that he took that day.  He wasn't able to bring  his notes before the snow day so we didn't get to study for his test.  This book made him feel better after I calmed him down and told him that he can still  make it up to his grade by  getting a high score next time.
If you are looking for something special to give to your child  this Valentine's day or for any special occasion, iSeeMe has a lot of selection of  personalized books.  Who Loves Me? book would be perfect for the  love month.  I am sure that you and your little  cutie will have fun reading this sweet book.  
You can order this book with  a lovie blanket set with your child's name on it.  Other personalized products that iSeeMe offers includes Lunchboxes,  Puzzles, Coloring Books/, Placemats, Stickers and Growth Charts!   If you want to be updated of the newand exciting products at iSeeMe, you can fillow them to  their  social media  below.  
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 I can't believe that my little man is getting bigger and older, where did the time go?  It's funny that he said he feels like he is sixteen when he turned nine years old lol.

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.


  1. I love simple birthday celebrations! Happy birthday to your adorable son!

  2. awww...that's a nice way to keep them focus in school first then the real treat is done after school...belated happy birthday to your son.

  3. belated happy birthday EJ! I agree with you sis...we don't do birthday party for Akesh either! I love the organizer you made for him.

  4. That pillow is the best. The Avengers are a great choice for any child.

  5. Glad he had a nice birthday! That book is so cool! I love personalized stuff like that.

  6. It looks like he loved all his gifts! I know you had mentioned that he was going to get a beanbag for his birthday I bet you he was very excited about it.

  7. I love the quality of the iSeeMe books! My girls have a couple different ones and they treasure them! They are always pulling them out to read to everyone that comes over! lol

  8. Love the giant pillow. Looks like an exciting and fun birthday for your son.


  9. Aww EJ is so cute! Those gifts look pretty awesome. I like that you're encouraging your child and not make a big deal when he feels like he didn't do well in the exam. Giving reassurance and comfort shows a lot of care and support.

  10. Thats a wonderful idea of not having birthday parties once they reach a certain age. I think we may implement that in our home! Thank you for sharing EJ's special day with us!

  11. What a great birthday!! I'm totally done for no birthday parties and just more experiences!

  12. Ha! My daughters would have committed mutiny if we stopped giving them birthday parties when they started school. But then, most of their parties were just as much fun for us as they were for the kids!! It looks like EJ had a wonderful birthday!

  13. Happy birthday to your son! Time really flies so fast and soon they will be all grown up.

  14. Happy Birthday to your son. =) I bet he loved all his gifts. =)

  15. These are great gifts. I love the pillow. I like giving personalized books. Kids love to be a part of the story.

  16. Wow, he got some amazing birthday gifts. Love that pillow. So fun. But getting a personalized gift is something he will cherish for years to come.

  17. Now that's a fun and nice Birthday for your son. I love everything he received, especially the I See Me book. Personalized gifts are the best.

  18. Happy birthday to him! Looks like he had a really great birthday! Love it!!


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