Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dressing Up with the New Costume Madeline Hatter as She Celebrate Her 10th Birthday

Ten years ago, at 2:57 am, our very first child came.  She scared the heck out of us when her heart suddenly stopped breathing.  I was rushed to an emergency C-section and everything was a blur as I was so dizzy from the epidural they gave me.  Gladly, my husband was there beside me and  immediately notified the  doctor when he saw that the machine monitoring our baby's heartbeat have flatlined.  She was already blue when she came out, thanks be to God, to the doctor and nurses who were there that day, they revived her.  We were so relieved when we heard her first cry.  Now she is TEN!  Time flies, my oh my!
 Anyway, we celebrated her birthday yesterday at home.  To make it more fun and exciting, I let her play dress up and play pretend using this Madeline Hatter of Ever After High costume that I got from
Costume SuperCenter.  I was going to get the large size but knowing how little she is, I ordered the medium.  When it arrived, I thought it was small but when she put it on, it actually fit her perfectly.  My ten year-old is really petite just like me!
The costume includes the dress, tights, necklace, and gloves.  I should have ordered the wig (well, I did  included it  at my order as the amount allotted to me for review covers the wig but they did not send it ), I was bummed.  Luckily, she had a purple head piece to match the dress so it work out fine. 
Before I started cooking for her birthday, I asked her to  put this on and I will give her a little photo shoot fun in our backyard, she willingly obliged!  we had a blast  in the garden, she  told me many times how appreciative she was for making her day very special.  I decorated our dining room  with a themed party decor so she was  happy about that too.  I stopped hosting birthday parties when my kids started going to school. With all the bills  and  only one  stable income coming in, we have to prioritized our spending.  To host a  decent party, you will have to  spend at least $200-$300.  With enrolment  coming right around the corner, it won't be feasible as we  have to save for  their  tuition fees and other school expenses.  
I am very  thankful that both of them understands our situation and they don't mind celebrating their birthdays with just us.  We usually just go somewhere fun instead of having a party.
Anyway,  back to the costume she's wearing.  If your daughter love the  Ever After High show, I am sure that she would love this Madeline Hatter costume.  You can get this for $31.99  and you can take an extra 25% of all personalized items  if you use the code PERSONALIZE.  To get more deals and other promoted deals,   Like CSC on Facebook.  
She is trying to make the  number 10 number on the photo below.
I don't know what she is trying to do but I just capture the moment while she was goofing around.
I am  taking advantage of this moment that she still wants to be photographed and act like a kid.  I know that very soon, she would shy away from the camera and would probably ask me not to take pictures of her.  For now,m I just click, click,  while I can and being given the opportunity.
I was going to iron the  dress  to even out the  folds and stuff but was afraid that it would burn it.
In the middle of our photo shoot, our fur babies joined in.  I kept telling them to move away but they wouldn't budge so she just have fun with them.
Bolt and Champ have been with us for 6 years now they become the biggest part of our family.  It is hard sometimes  having a dog especially when you ove to travel but it is something that  chose to embrace.  
We will eventually put them  for adoption  if the need arises but for now, we will enjoy their company.  The kids would be willing to give up their vacation because  they don't want the dogs to  be taken away but that would be another post lol.
Over all,  as our daughter turned "two digits" as he  fondly calls it, I am excited  and sad at the same time.  I am excited to see her grow but  a bit sad that she is growing up very fast.  Am I the only one feeling that way?  How about you Moms?
Dear Little Miss

"As you turned ten, may your strong will remain
May you soar high as you try to reach your goal
May you stay loving and caring even when you are older
May we be there always to watch you grow and  guide you.

Alway remember
That we are always here for you
No matter what  happen, we will be supportive 
And help you achieve your dreams.
We love you dearly and we thank God
for giving us a Wonderful YOU!
Happy birthday Anak!
Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the products mentioned  in exchange of my honest  opinion .


  1. She is such a beauty! Her costume is so adorable, too! Happy birthday to your daughter!

  2. What a complete and total doll! I love her outfit, and the pictures of her with your dogs are just the sweetest!

  3. Her costume is too cute and she looks so grown up in it! Time really does fly and happy 10th birthday to your beautiful little girl!

  4. Aw she looks amazing. I like the costume. Happy 10th birthday to her too!

  5. She is stunning!! I love that series, as does my kids and that costume is perfect!! I love how she gets into the goofy character in your photo shoot!

  6. 10 years old already hey! I bet she's growing up super fast in front of your eyes. Happy Birthday to your little girl!

  7. She has such a cute personality and it comes through in these photos. She looks marvelous in her new costume.

  8. Aww what fun costume! I love how the dogs came around to join in on the fun. I love that picture where they all look at the camera.

  9. She is adorable! It looks like she totally is in love with it!

  10. How sweet, and what a cute costume. I am so happy that your little one is growing up healthy and happy. Congrats on getting her to 10. Now, as the parent of a teen girl, I advise you to buckle up for the next 10. It gets bumpy! :)

  11. It looks like she's really enjoying that costume! I like the color combination. Happy birthday to your girl!

  12. She looks so cute in her costume. I bet she had a fun birthday wearing it.

  13. I have heard of the Mad Hatter, but not 'Madeline Hatter' that is such a cool twist! Happy Birthday!

    BTW, what is the mix on the bigger dog? I see either dobie or rottie in the face, but the rest of the body doesn't resemble either's body structure so I was super curious and just had to ask what the exact mix is.

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    1. Hi Tracy, he is a mixed of pinscher, his MOm is a miniature pinscher while the dad is a doberman pinscher.

  14. That costume is so cute! She's having fun with it and I love the photos. Happy Birthday to her.

  15. Her costume is adorable and is looks beautiful in it. Ten years old is such a great age ... it almost makes me miss my girls being young ... almost!

  16. I'm glad your daughter was okay. She has beautiful eyes. Cute pictures with the dogs.

  17. Oh shes just beautiful! That costume is just lovely too, what a great outfit!! Very nice. My girls would love it! - Jeanine

  18. This costume is so cute, and your daughter looks adorable in it! And I love the photos where the dogs joined!

  19. She is so cute! Now you have a ten-year-old. :) Happy belated birthday to the little one.

  20. She looks great in that costume! Glad to see that someone is a fan of the new hatter. The colors are really cool.

  21. She looks so adorable in that outfit, now we need the tea and biscuits to have a tea party. :D Happy birthday pretty girl.

  22. I love these photos. The ones with the dogs are adorable. I love the costume. My Daughter used to love dressing up.

  23. Omg how adorable is she?!?! I'm just loving this costume. Your daughter looks great in it!

  24. Looks like she had a great time. Madeline cute. Thank you for sharing.

  25. How precious is she! Her costume is adorable and she is just as adorable!!

  26. Glad everything worked out. Your daughter is so beautiful. Love the pictures

  27. She is a beautiful princess. I hope that she had a wonderful birthday. They do grow up way too fast.

  28. That is an adorable costume! you know, it's almost time for me to start thinking about our family costumes this year.

  29. That is such a cute costume! I love how cute she looks in it.


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