Thursday, December 11, 2014

Getting Baby's Room Ready

I can remember how excited hubby and I  in decorating our first born's room.  Time flies, children get into mischief and now they are getting so big and  showing their own personality.  I am just glad that I have so many pictures to look back to!  I documented  everything, even the mess they made lol.

Whether you’re a new mom or pregnant with another child, being pregnant and expecting a baby very soon is a very exciting feeling. You get so excited to prepare your nursery’s room and be ready with all the things you need for your baby. You may want cute wallpapers and other wonderful designs for your baby. 

 According to, in preparing your nursery room, never forget to put yourself in the picture. Most moms overlook mom-stations like a side table or a small lamp. Side tables will keep everything you need like snack and drinks, your phone as well as your baby clothes and diaper wipes. After all, you'll definitely spend a lot of time with your baby in his/her nursery room. Also, do not forget yourself when preparing for a nursery room, don’t put all your strength in setting up the room. Remember that you have to rest too in preparation for your baby’s arrival.

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