Thursday, September 4, 2014

Six Benefits of School Uniforms

As your child heads back to school this fall, there’s a good chance that they will be wearing uniforms. USA Today recently reported that almost one out of five students wear a school uniform. This is a sixty percent increase from 2000, and both private and public schools have adopted the trend. Fortunately, access to a Dickies school uniform is easy. Plus, there are a lot of benefits that come with forgoing traditional school clothes, including these six.
1 – Better for Students

When school uniforms are implemented, most students benefit. This requirement sets a standard of dress for all of the kids that attend school. In doing so, a lot of the competition and bias among students is eliminated. Teachers are less likely to judge students, and students are less likely to judge their peers. In addition, when students attend school dressed appropriately, they usually perform better. Therefore, schools that implement stricter dress codes often care about the academic performance of their students.
2 – Increased School Sprit

Since everyone dresses the same with uniforms, unity is often seen on these campuses. They have positive atmospheres where students feel like they can fit in with others. This type of atmosphere boosts camaraderie among students and can easily increase school spirit.
3 – Mornings Are Easier

When a school requires uniforms, the mornings are easier. There is no need to worry about what you should wear to look cool or fit in. Parents also don’t have to fight with their children about what is and isn’t appropriate for school. Instead, the kids just get dressed in something that is acceptable under the dress code rules. Usually they have a few options to choose from. Having fewer choices eliminates the time in the closet. It also helps them get out the door and in the classroom on time.
4 – Safer Learning Environment

Schools that require uniforms are known for safety. One of the reasons that uniforms enhance safety is because they make it easier for safety officials to identity non-students that are on-campus. If these individuals are a threat, officials can take action to prevent a problem before it gets out of hand. Without uniforms, these predators might easily blend into a crowd.
5 – Less Expensive

It is less expensive to purchase uniforms for your children. Most children only need enough shirts and pants to get them through a week of school. Then, you can wash these clothes on the weekend. The cost of this wardrobe is much less than if you were to purchase an entire wardrobe for a school that did not require uniforms.

6 – Self-Expression Is Encouraged

One of the amazing benefits of uniforms is that self-expression is actually encouraged. Since kids cannot use clothing to express themselves, they will use other means to showcase their personality. They might choose to participate in sports, join a club, or excel in academics. Some individuals might not pursue such lofty endeavors if they had clothing to hide behind.
These are just six of the most common reasons why parents, students, and teachers are jumping on the school uniform bandwagon. If you child has to wear uniforms, you have a lot of benefits in store.


  1. Uniforms can be a good thing. Kids always try to out do each other it seems anymore. Uniforms can save a lot of bullying and my clothes are better than yours. With everyone wearing the same thing there isn't much they can say about each others clothes. Glad I didn't have to wear them though. Things were different way back then., Lol

  2. it's always nice to have a school uniform to be known what school are you coming from and also saves you more clothing whenever school year comes.

  3. Your kids are adorable! I actually love it when a school requires school uniform. During my school days in Pinas we always wear uniforms and like the article mentioned, it was easy to identify students from not. Plus, the kids look neat and clean. I wish the school here do require uniforms. Saves you money too from buying new clothing. :)

  4. I am very favor of wearing school uniform. Not only because it represents the school, it makes the students look sharp.

  5. I agree with you. 100%! If I also have it my way in the corporate world, I don't mind wearing uniform as it represents your pride to be part of that institution and also helps save money and stress from figuring out what to wear day in and out.


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