Monday, August 25, 2014

Nova Natural – Toys That Will Stimulate Your Child’s Imagination

Childhood is a magical and fleeting time; help your child or children make the most of it by giving them easy access to a toys and activities that will stimulate their imagination. Imaginative play encourages creative-thinking skills that will benefit children in school and throughout their lives. Whether you have a gift-giving occasion coming up, such as Christmas or a child’s birthday, or simply want to surprise your little one, these options are sure to delight them and lead to hours of enjoyment.

Knitting Kit

Few things are as rewarding to a child as proudly displaying something that they’ve made themselves. Craft kits are a wonderful way to give your kids the tools and the instruction they need to create. Giving your child a knitting kit will teach them a skill that they can enjoy for their entire lives. From socks to blankets to sweaters, your child’s creations will evolve as their skills improve.

Origami Kit

Children will be amazed to discover what they can create with just a sheet of paper! There are all kinds of origami kits available, but for a fun twist consider an Origami Ships Book. This kit teaches kids to make origami boats. The paper is waterproof, so kids can actually play with their boats in water. Check out Nova Natural for more information on this and other craft sets such as its butterfly origami kit.

Paper Dolls Kit

Like origami, paper is the creative medium for paper-doll making. Just add scissors, instruction, and creativity and your child will be able to create her own dolls.

Henna Kit

Introduce your children to the ancient art of henna drawing. A precursor to tattoos, henna is all-natural and washes off easily. A henna kit is a fun way to let your children’s creativity soar.

Cloppity Horseshoes

Imagine the fun your child will have galloping around your yard wearing authentic horseshoes on his feet! Children hold the horseshoes in place with jute handles.

Play Kitchens

What will your child cook up in his very own kitchen? Play kitchens are available in all sizes and shapes and range from inexpensive plastic models to solid keepsake wooden kitchens suitable to hand down from generation to generation. Stock the kitchen with realistic-looking dishes and faux foods, hand your child and apron and a chef hat, and watch the magic of creative play unfold before your eyes.

Musical Instruments

There’s an instrument suitable for every age and every stage in your child’s life. From jingle bells, drums, clave sticks, and glockenspiels that even a toddler can manage to children’s guitars, harps, and pentatonic lyres, the gift of music is one that will last a lifetime. When you encourage a love of music early on, your children are more likely to excel at piano, guitar, or violin lessons when they’re older.
Art Supplies

Inside every child there’s a budding artist waiting to come out. Presented a child with an assortment of crayons, markers, colored pencils, paints and brushes, sidewalk chalk, and paper and watch his eyes light up.

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech world, it’s refreshing to see children playing and creating. When you encourage these wholesome pursuits, you’re helping to create happy, well-rounded children.


  1. How nice that you get to enjoy your kids and their creative mind. Credit is for sure given to the parents who give efforts for their children.

  2. I am trying my best to let my daughter play these kinds of educational toys. As of now, she's so engrossed with her iPad and play non-educational games.

  3. I love toys that get kids thinking and active!

  4. Awesome!!! I'm always looking for natural toys for my toddlers. It's hard to find these type of things when you live in the city and everything revolves around electronics. We have a few second hand stores and a hobby shop, but their availability is limited. Thanks!

  5. These all sound like fun! I know my kids go absolutely crazy over Origami kits.

  6. Very creative! I'm always trying to find some new crafts or activities for my kids to do so they're keeping busy.

  7. My kids love to be crafty whether it be with paint, markers, clay, etc.... so I try to do things with them often like that. So much better than rotting their minds with electronic nonsense.

  8. I absolutely love items that get children to be creative! Creativity is such an important thing to have in life. I also love items that encourage children to be active and outdoors!


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