Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Would You Dance or Would You Play and Instrument

Giving our children the freedom to choose is the right thing to do as parents. It might be early for them but giving them a little freedom also helps them in developing their real talent. When we came back from South Korea, we let our daughter try to take dance lessons but she did not like it so we let her try the piano lessons instead and she loved it. Before we bought the piano that we have at home, we looked at resources online like the musicians friend and compared prices. We ended up buying a re-tuned piano as it was the price range that we could afford. So if you are wondering if your child like what they do for their hobby or whatever they are into, ask a question like "Would you dance or would you play an instrument?"

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  1. I agree with your thought. Let our children decide what they like and we parents must only give our full support.


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