Wednesday, July 30, 2014

9 Years.. How Time Flies

This is a bit late Baby Love but it is still July so  it counts (grins).  I haven't forgotten your 9th birthday post although you beat me in posting one  but I just want you to know how  lucky and blessed  we are to have you as a daughter.  So let us take a look what  you have been in those 9 years. 

2014 Highlights
> Visited Ocean City to celebrate your 9th birthday.

> Winning the Doodle4Google Contest 2014 for the  State of West Virginia  gave you  an opportunity to explore a little more.  We got to go to California and met other people.  
> You wanted to experience how it is to be in  a  talent show so we signed you up and you've   participated/competed  and luckily won First Prize on  the Kinsley S. Ard Memorial Talent Show held at Milton J. Weinberg Theater, on March 28, 2014 against 14 other participants.
> March 8 - Went to  Carnegie Science Center and  explore fun things.
> February 22 - Went to Doquesne University and you auditioned for their music program.  You've got accepted and will start this Fall.
2013 Highlights
> July 7th - We celebrated your  birthday  at Headland Beach in Mentor Ohio.  We also  explored the huge Cleveland Museum of Arts.

> June 10 - We visited our family friend in San Antonio Texas where we  did a lot of fun stuff including a  visit  at the Museum on the Bay in Curpus Cristi, Sea World San Antonio, Splash Town, Wild Life Ranch, and River Walk.

> We  did a road trip and saw  the other side of West Virginia.  Seen the Black Water Falls, and Ceneca Rock in Canaan Valley.

> You  were tested  and passed  the Gifted Program in School.  This is also the year that you had your first   communion, first confession, and first piano recital.

2012 Highlights
> We did a lot of fun stuff but I think your favorite were  the pumpkin land expedition, Tomlinson Run picnic,  and our Road trip down in West Virginia with Pap.

2011 Highlights
> We went to Disney World in Florida and met the Dias Family for the first time.  That was fun!
2010 Highlights
> This is when I felt sick to my stomach as you started going to school.  You were ready but Mommy  was having the separation anxiety lol.
2009 Highlights
> We visited Jeju Island in South Korea before coming back here in the US.
> You were the winner of an international smile contest for the month of October 2009. This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.
>At the end of this  year,  we came back here in the US from South Korea but before that, we visited the Philippines twice, where you get to met your cousins.  We celebrated your 4th birthday there.
2008 Highlights
> This was your first international flight as we had to move to South Korea.  You and your brother were really good travelers.
> You turned three when we were in Korea. We invited some Filipinos and other friends that we met inside the base. It was fun especially on the second day when the two of you  gave me a surprise. I went to our neighbor real quick to return a dish and when I came back, you guys  tore up the left over cake lol.
> We were able to climb Mt. Seorak and Mt. Jiri.  You  climbed better than the other big kids we went with so we were so proud of you.
2007 Highlights
Your  second birthday was celebrated at Tito Rick's house.  It was really a fun celebration.
2006 Highlights
> When you turned one year old, we were still living at Pap's house  then.  It was a simple and yet meaningful celebration.
2005 - the year you were born.  We almost lost you that day but God has a plan for you so He saved you!
Now, I know that you always think that I love your brother more than you but it's not true.  Your Dad and I both love you just the same.  You and your brother are our precious  treasures.  We are  proud of you both and we love you very much!  Happy birthday once again.  I pray always that you and your brother will be safe from harm and will grow up as good and responsible individuals. 


  1. What a wonderful post Mom!!! She can remember this year forever with these amazing photos and memories posted! Next year in life , how can you beat that?

  2. Now those are some memorable moments! Happy (belated) Birthday!

  3. Aww so many special memories. You have a wonderfully smart and talented daughter! So cool that she won the google doodle!!

  4. What a talented and adorable girl. Happy late birthday to her

  5. This is such a beautiful post! I'm sure your daughter would enjoy looking at this seeing all of her favorite and best memories laid out. How Awesome!

  6. wow!!! how time flies so fast, she is blossoming just perfectly and the way you both wanted her to be...soon enough you'll even see how talented she will be..belated happy birthday to your little girl.

  7. Aww how precious! Happy 9th Birthday! :)

  8. This is beautiful, and your daughter is such a cutie! Love this!

  9. You have a beautiful daughter. A gem in your treasure chest.

  10. Such a heartwarming post! I can imagine going through your picture archives selecting pics from the last 9 years. The plus side is, it's easier to do this next year because you only have to keep on adding as the years go by.

    She's experienced and accomplished so much for such a young age. I wish her all the best and may she continue in the advanced programs in school and extra curricular activities so that she can further hone her talent.

  11. These are such special moments that I am sure she will treasure all of her life. This was such a beautiful post.

  12. You are very blessed. Your daughter is not only beautiful but very smart. She must take after mommy. She will make a fine young woman one day. You are such great parents for letting her be who she is and taking her to all these places. Filling her with knowledge, letting her see the beauty that surrounds her.

  13. I can feel the love right here, sis. Your daughter is a precious gift! So pretty and talented. Watch how she reaches new heights in her adult years. Keep on supporting her (and her brother as well). Extend my birthday greetings to Rylie.

  14. Your daughter is one fine young lady. She will grow up to be somebody. It is exciting to see when our kids excel.

  15. She's ahead for her age and doing wonderful things in advance.

  16. She is a beautiful, talented and wonderful daughter sis. I would like to have a daughter like her. But then there is only one Ms. Burrito in the whole world. You are so blessed to have her and she is blessed to have parents she has.

  17. you can never tell where did the time go when you already finds out that your kids are growing bigger and healthier everyday.

  18. Your daughter is a perfect girl. I am sure she will go a long way in life in the future.

  19. A beautiful, talented and kind lady like your daughter deserves nothing but the best on her birthday. Happy (belated) birthday to her!

  20. She's slowly but surely growing to be a fine young lady. You're one lucky Mom :-)

  21. Looks to me your daughter is on the right track, thanks to a loving family and your able guidance.

  22. Looks to me your daughter is on the right track, thanks to a loving family and your able guidance.


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