Monday, May 19, 2014

Senator Manchin's Representative's Visit

I got a call from the school this morning while I was busy cleaning and gathering the stuff that I have to pack for our trip to California. The school informed me that the representative from Senator Manchin's Office is in school. I know that somebody is coming but I did not know when. My daughter forgot to tell me last Friday but glad I was able to come and take some photos hehehe. 
With Ms. Mary Jo Guidi, Regional Coordinator from Senator Joe Manchin.
With Mrs. Carol Lammers (class teacher), Mr. Al Boniti (School Principal), and Ms. Mary Jo Guidi, (Regional Coordinator from the office of Mr.  Joe Manchin, United States Senator of West Virginia).

Ms. Guidi congratulated and wished Ms. Burrito good luck! We are leaving this week to attend the  awarding ceremony at the Google Flex in Mountain View California.  Wish us luck!
I was so unprepared because I was very busy at home, I did not even took shower wahhh. Oh well, at least I did not miss it and was able to capture  the precious moment.  Alrighty, back to packing now.  See you  all next week!


  1. so happy for you Rose :) I'm sure teary eyed ka pa habang nagtetake ng photo. Congrats!

  2. Goodluck Sis Rose.. :)

  3. Wow, you're kid is sure going a long way! You must be one proud mom. :) It's always such sweet gift to a mommy's heart when we see our child achieve something.

  4. Wow! Soo exciting, wishing Ms. Burrito all the best. I'm really really really hoping she'll win. Go, R!

  5. you must be so proud of your Ms Burrito. all the best in your California trip! happy packing :)

  6. You really are a very supportive mom Rose. Good you took souvenir photos of the meeting. Happy trip nga pala Sis.

  7. cool is that! Big opportunities are coming on the way for proud!

    P.S esama mo ako sa cali sis...hehhehe...punta tayo sa filipino!

  8. wow, you do have a gifted daughter here, it's very rare to have the chance for an ordinary person to be visited by a senator of the state....congratulations..

  9. Yay! way to go pretty and smart girl :-) We are so proud of you. Congrats to you too Sis Rose :-) Have a wonderful trip to California :-)

  10. I remembered I didn't take a bath too before going to school because I'm too late already. Pero worth it naman ang ating di pagligo haha okay lang yun.


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