Friday, May 30, 2014

Doodle4Google California - First Day at Crash Pad

We arrived later in the afternoon at Palo Alto, California.  Google booked all the participants to stay in Sheraton Hotel, it is  near the huge Stanford University.  Upon arrival at the airport, someone with a Doodle4Google sign was waiting for us.  He drove us  to the hotel.  We registered at the reception area they call "Crash Pad".  
We were surprised to learned that all four of us can participate to the  events on the second day which was really nice of Google.  The luncheon was supposed to be attended by the participant and one adult only bu-t they let all the family members participate on it as well.
When we finished doing what we had to do at the registration, we checked in and put away our stuff in the room and came back down at the Crash Pad.
Refreshment and snacks were served as we get acquainted with the other participants and family members.
Here's the little miss painting the  state-carved wood with the other  older participants.
She was kind of timid at first but since the other participants are  very nice, she felt comfortable later on a blended right in.  
I am  so glad that we were able to afford to pay for me and my son's  travel as he enjoyed it as much as his sister did.
As a state winner, our daughter won a trip for two to California.  My husband said that we should all go so  our son could experience it too.  As much as I would like to object because of the expense, I went with my husband idea because I wanted to be there for our daughter as well.
She painted  her state with Rhododendron.
Please stay tuned for more exciting part of our trip.  I am still  feeling the jet lag and this is what I could post for now.  Thank you all for the support, for casting your vote for her Doodle.  We definitely had a great time out there in California.  Thanks Google for the awesome event!


  1. I can't wait to read the rest of your doodle4google saga. Looks like they prepared lots of fun activities

  2. Nice shots of a happy family. Congrats to your daughter , She is my winner.

  3. Doodle4google- cool event! hope we also have that kind of G event here in PH

  4. awwwww...such a great experience for Rye and Ej....looking forward to see some of your pics!

  5. isn't that amazing, google is very nice and generous too. congratulations to you daughter i'm sure this experience would give her more motivation on what she loves the most.

  6. it's good the whole family was able to travel, sis. never mind the extra expenses. they say if you wish to splurge, buy experience and you did just right! :)

  7. I'm so happy that all of you could go. Yes, like they say never mind the expense. It was sure worth it. We're so proud of Rylie. More blessings, sis. I missed being here. :)

  8. This looks so awesome I bet you guys had a wonderful time and I'm so glad they allowed the family to come instead of 1 adult and the participant! :)

  9. Quite an experience your daughter has and I'm sure for the entire family. You sure are one lucky parent mami rose for having such an intelligent kid like her.

  10. Looks like you guys had enjoyed your stay with Google! Rylie is such a bright kid.

  11. It's great that all of you guys are with her for support.

  12. Is there Google Doodle in the Philippines? I hope there is. I bet many kids will join too.


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