Monday, March 24, 2014

Why your Child Should Take Piano Lessons

If you’re considering what instrument your child could learn then the piano certainly makes for a popular option; however there are plenty more reasons why learning to play the piano should be your first choice, and some be pretty surprising.
First Recital
Improve your child’s cognition
Learning to play the piano is a relatively complex process, and the concepts involved are pretty demanding on the grey matter. Throughout learning to play the piano your child’s cognition will improve and their mental abilities will increase, and whatsmore, there’s scientific research to prove it! Numerous studies have found that musicians have a higher IQ than none instrument players, and because piano playing involves using both sides of the brain it is far more brain power building than many other more simple items.

Piano playing is the ultimate stress buster
Learning to play any instrument can be relaxing, but learning to play the piano, and the fact that many songs require a bit of passion can act as the ultimate stress buster. There’s nothing better for a piano player that may have had a rather bad day being able to unwind with an energetic rendition of their favourite song.

Improve your child’s hand-eye co-ordination
Learning to play the piano involves the use of both hands over two sets of keys as well as pedal operation; throughout their lessons their hand-eye co-ordination will improve, which means that they’ll become better at other activities, such as playing sport.

It can help your child master other instruments
Learning to play the piano involves rhythm, bass clef, and treble clef, which are all common features of other instruments. From the moment your child has a grasp of the basics they’re at an advantage for learning other instruments. First Tutors have said that they often see children focus on one instrument and then pick up others quickly and easily afterwards with little or no tutoring

Help your child build their Self-Confidence
There are few things that parents want more in life than for their child to be happy and confident; learning to perform any instrument is a great way of building confidence, particularly when they get over their first recital.

This also means that they may be far more comfortable at doing things such as speaking in front of large groups of people, which is a vital skill to have throughout any academic career.

Give your child a lifelong talent
Playing the piano is a skill that will stay with your child for the rest of their life; whilst they may undertake other hobbies and sports that will be forgotten with age, piano playing stays ingrained within the memory, and there are many people into their 80s and 90s that can perfectly recall piano playing.

It’s fun!
If for no other reason you should consider the piano as the instrument for your child it’s that it’s fun! The challenge of learning this great instrument can keep children engaged for hours at a time and mastering a song that they’ve been working on for weeks is always highly enjoyable.
Oh and one last thing… having your child practice at home will inevitably be more enjoyable for the other inhabitants if they aren’t bashing away at the drums!

My daughter playing Beethoven's Fur Elise

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