Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happily Mixed Up Community

My husband and I came from a very different background of ethnicity, culture, and tradition. I came from a very collective culture while hubby came from an individualistic type. Our interracial marriage brings us challenges especially in rearing our children. He was brought up in different ways and so am I so sometimes, it's now always smooth sailing but it does not mean that we fight about it. We talk about our differences in a calm manner and come up with a compromise.  
We have different views on things including our parenting style to our children.  Both of us   carries different features that both of our children  has in them.  Nevertheless, hubby and I have a strong friendship even though we  came from different races.  It's not always easy but we  make sure to set aside our differences and focus on things that we can both work on to better do our   responsibilities  for our children and for our  marriage. 
Coming herein America was exciting but at the back of y mind, there's  doubts and fears of facing new life back then.  I have to learn their  culture and try to adopt to them.  It wasn't easy but gladly, his family  are the most kind people.  They accepted me for what I am and embrace me just like their own family.  It help for an easy transition.  Our mixed race did not affect who we  are as a person, in fact, we've learned to  expand our vision of life and living.  We might be raising a 
biracial children but it is not hindering us from being good parents.

Browsing online, I found Happily Mixed Up Community  website where you can meet  multiracial families just like us.  They have different  kinds of topics that you can find  about mixed race and marriages, men and women topics, parenting, multicultural, dating, multiracial, and many other topics that you can learn from.
Check it out and see  interesting topics.

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