Saturday, March 1, 2014

Coupon Codes

I love it when I find coupon that I can use to buy the things that we need at home.  Last weekend, we bought our daughter   a new pair of boots because the current one that she is using  for school is getting  old and tore up already.  We also bought our son some  pants  for his school uniform.  Nothing can beat the feeling of  buying things at a lesser price.  Oh speaking of  coupon code, I bought a domain a while ago for  only $2.95 as opposed to $14.95  price from GoDaddy.  I was very glad that  a friend of mine shared that coupon code to me.
Over here in America, coupon codes can be found   in many sources including magazines, newspapers,  and even online websites like  It is a great help for families like us because we can  really save  money when we use coupons  when we buy things.  Now I haven't use the mobile coupon technique yet but I am planning to do that  very soon especially when buying groceries.  Now when I want to buy something online, I always scour the web first for coupons that I could use and I always find some.  How about you, do you use coupons?

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