Friday, January 3, 2014

Traveling with Kids

I am so thankful that our children are well-traveled kids. I think that our travels when my husband was still in the Navy helped a lot in training them to adopt to traveling situations. I can still recall the long and arduous flight that we have going overseas. The kids did so well, they never cried or whine for the the whole duration of the flight. Sharing the photos here  when we had our vacation in Jeju Island in South Korea.
 I have to admit that I miss the travels when he was still in the service and I can tell how much my husband misses it too. Despite the obstacles that we faced along the way, we are still ,grateful that he once was a soldier. It gave us an opportunity to explore some parts of the world that we will never set our feet to if it wasn't for his military assignments.

 Anyway, one of our family's long term dream is to be able to visit and travel in Europe side of the world. I think that a week or two vacation In London would be fabulous. I would like to do that when my kids are a bit older so that they would appreciate it more and would remember everything that we would do out there. Traveling for four is not cheap, so finding ways to do the traveling on a budget is a must for us. London Apartments is a great option for accommodation compared to staying in traditional hotel because it offers  the homey feel for travelers especially for families like ours.   Staying in   London Apartments would give  you the benefit and advantage of cooking your own food.  

How about you, have you ever traveled to London?  Any advise you can give?


  1. You plan it beforehand; everything form the minute details up to expenses, so that everything will be organized according to your family budget. Go on and reach your dream in vacationing Europe.

  2. I have been to London maybe 5 times when I was a flight attendant. It is a great place to visit. We stayed in a hotel near the airport and just took a bus to go around.


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