Friday, January 10, 2014

Sweet Shoppe Play-Doh

Ms. Burrito has been wanting to have this ice cream  machine  playdoh but I told her to wait so Santa can bring it to her on Christmas.  When her teacher asked them to  write what they want from their secret santa last December, she wrote this one.  She never expected to get it since the   budget limit for their secret santa is $5.  However, the  boy who got her name bought  a whole set of this for her, she was ecstatic.  

It's funny because hubby and I already bought one for her so we returned it and got her  another gift instead.  She and her brother have fun using this playdoh machine.  This is one of the things that  entertained them during their school break.

Toy companies really knows how top sell to kids aren't they?


  1. Wow so generous of that boy to your daughter. That is one great toy that help enhance kids creativity. I only saw that on tv and I feel like getting one for myself and play with my kids. Look how much fun your kids have.

  2. Oh the ice cream play doughs are so cool! Gotta do that with the hubbz and kids one of these days. hehe

  3. lovely, they can play those while inside the house to get them from boredom.

  4. That is so cute! I wish we got this one for our kids. Hmmmm.. an idea for the next Christmas, mommy. How fun! :)


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