Monday, January 27, 2014

Sending Birthday Money for My Mom

It's my mother's birthday today so I gave her an overseas call last night. We talked for more than an hour. I updated her with my status here and the growth of my kids and and all and she told me everything about our family back home. It was a nice but emotional  conversation that we have not  had in a long time. I was not able to talk to her last Christmas because  the signal at our place was very bad.  I am so relieved that I finally talked to her.  I told her to visit my sister in the city because I am sending the money this week. I want her to have a break for a day or two and enjoy her birthday.   Me and hubby are the only one that supports my Mom.  I feel bad that sometimes, we can't send her as much as we would like to.  We have to wait for the best exchange rate so the money we  are sending  will have enough for her.  

I am so glad that there are  International money transfer that offers the best rate there is.  I will have to double up the amount I have to send this month because my youngest sister whom we are sending to college will be paying her tuition fee also.  I am happy that she is on the last league of the  course she is taking.  Hopefully, she could find a job as soon as she graduates so we can also help my youngest brother who also want to go to school.
A photo of us with Mama by the beach
I miss my Mom so much.  It's been 5 years since we last seen each other  when we  came to visit.  We celebrated  my husband and son's birthday there.I want to end this post by  sending my love to my dearest mother, happy birthday and always remember that we love you!


  1. A lovely message to a mother who raised her daughter so well. Great article indeed!

  2. Yes, it's nice that there are so many money transfer alternatives that gives the best rate.

  3. Reunions must be fun! At least may skype or facetime na ngayon ano sis?

  4. Same here mare. As much as I can, I send birthday treats (money) for my family back home.


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