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Keeping Fit During Pregnancy

The best thing to do when you are pregnant and considering exercise is to consult your doctor or a fitness expert to help get you started. It can be difficult to know what to do when you are pregnant, you need someone who has been trained in exercise for pregnant women. People tend to have lots of different opinions on what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Find a personal trainer who can guide you through doing exercise throughout your pregnancy. Here are a few basic tips for keeping fit during pregnancy.

If you have done sport and exercise all your life then that doesn’t mean you have to stop and do nothing whilst you are pregnant. In fact it’s better to continue exercising gently and at a lower intensity. You still need to keep your body healthy and active and you won’t do this by sitting on the sofa all day long. 

However, if you have never really done much exercise all your life then starting when you become pregnant isn’t the best time to begin. Avoid a rigorous exercise regime if your body is not used to it. It’s simply not the right time to try and get fit. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do any exercise at all, you can still do some basic things to keep you mobile. Try a beginners programme and don’t push yourself too much. 

Another important point to remember is that you are carrying much more weight than usual, so don’t get immediately concerned if you get a little out of breath. It’s normal to feel tired quickly and be slightly out of breath. Although if it is severe or gets worse then stop exercising and seek medical advice. 

Pregnant women should have their blood pressure checked regularly. This is especially important if you are doing exercise, check your blood pressure often and if it is too high then do not train. It is dangerous particularly in your third trimester if you have high blood pressure. 

Remember when you are pregnant the idea is not to get super fit, this is never going to be possible and will put too much pressure on your body. When you are pregnant the main focus is simply to maintain your fitness and to try and stay as fit and healthy as possible. 

You should try and do functional exercises that will help you to keep strong for everyday life. This should help you during labour because your body is slightly more prepared for it physically. 

Do not do any exercises lying on your front or on your back as this is not good for you and the baby. Another thing to remember is that it is crucial that you don’t overheat during training, so if you feel yourself getting too hot and exhausted then stop right away. 

Another thing you can work on while you are pregnant is your posture. Posture and stability are both important for everyday life and when you are training. Remember that your weight distribution is very different when pregnant so you might need something to hold on to or be sitting down whilst doing certain exercises. Get your personal trainer to help you with your posture and support whilst doing exercises. 

When you do stretching don’t push yourself too hard or try and improve your stretching too much because your body is more supple in certain areas when pregnant to prepare for the birth. Just do ten seconds on each exercise and don’t push your limits, gentle stretching is fine. 

One thing you can do a lot of is pelvic floor exercises. This will help you during giving birth and afterwards because your muscles get used to being worked. They are also more likely to go back to normal afterwards. Remember to keep doing them after you give birth.

Before each workout make sure you are fuelled properly so that you have enough energy to do a workout. You may also want to have a snack bar handy in case you feel weak during training. It’s also important to have a good meal after training to replace your energy stores. 

Exercising doesn’t just have physical benefits, it can have mental benefits too. It can relieve stress and take your mind off being uncomfortable for a while. You will also feel better after a light workout.
Kiri Nivak is a mummy blogger and parent. She works as a personal trainer for mum's after pregnancy to get back in shape. She recommends Take A Peek 3D for all your private ultrasound needs.


  1. Helpful and informative article for pregnant women. Truly, pregnancy is the best thing that ever happened to each and every mom.

  2. I totally love how our technology has innovated even the way we see babies from a mother's womb. It is an absolute beauty. Getting to see a baby before they are even born.

    xx, - a Lifestyle blog by Angela Bethea

  3. I used to think keeping your body fit during pregnancy is impossible - I guess there are still ways - I have to do more research before I go into that phase to be sure of a lot of things. thanks for the tips sis

  4. may 4D way na pala talaga to look at the babies no.. I never knew..

  5. never tried the 3D even though it was offered to use but hopefully in our next baby we will do it.

  6. Sometimes even just an easy walk can be a great exercise.

  7. I never had the 3d/4d one. I always like the surprise effect it gives to actually how they look when they are born.

  8. When I was pregnant, I swim a lot. My parents-in-law got a pool so it was awesome.:)

  9. Thank you Rose for the tips. I’ll need this for this year. ^_^

  10. I did yoga when I was pregnant, It prevented back pains

  11. i was particularly active when i was pregnant as i was still coming to work a few weeks before i gave birth. that's why so many people are saying i won't have a hard time giving birth as i was very physically active. but they all prove to be wrong as my little one did not come out on his own, that my pedia has to perform an emergency C-section. nevertheless, i am still thankful i was able to move a lot while i was heavy with my child. they ease the most uncomfortable backaches....

  12. The only exercise I get to do when I was pregnant was walking and I guess it helped me deliver easily. These tips you got here are amazing! :)

    It's amazing how we can now see clearly the image of the babies inside a mom's tummy! technology do doubt evolved way faster than we expected!


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