Friday, January 24, 2014

Coloring Pages for KIds

Pooh Birthday Coloring Pages
My children's school is closed today which I am very happy because it is frigid outside and walking out is not a good feeling. So what are we going to do on their off-days? Well, we are doing some arts and crafts and I am checking out the available coloring pages at  We will also be doing some  reading later on and I will let them play their video games after we got done with all the other things that we plan to do today. If you are planning to  have something to do with your kids, visit and check out their coloring pages available, they have a ton.  You can download it for free.  Below are some photos of my kids coloring, one of their favorite past time and hobby.
Do this count? Lol.
To avoid  that kind of mess, go to the website and print your kids something to color on.


  1. I guess it always happen if you have kids. My daughter color our wall once. Good you took a picture of their messed sis.

  2. I think have them channel their artistic side to coloring pages is much better.

  3. Kids are really artistic and creative in nature. I'm just glad that, while my daughter was into arts and stuff too, she didn't get into the habit of writing on the walls. The house where she grew up is still free of a child's graffiti!

  4. my daughters front door has been sharpied and so has the boys bedroom.Coloring is their favorite past time...if it is on the house!!!

  5. My boys love to color, but they only do it for about 10 minutes and then move on to whatever is next (recently they are all about Legos). And no, hands on the walls are a no-no, at least in my house.

  6. haha that is right, if you do not want a messy house, print a coloring page for kids to enjoy. That is actually good idea sis, have them do coloring when there is no school. Enhance creativity and skills in painting or coloring.

  7. i have to say even as an adult i love to color it's so much fun

  8. Wow they have tons of different choices. I am bookmarking their site for future reference. Thanks! I like having coloring books around for when my younger nieces and nephews come over. When all else fails coloring is a fun activity for them!


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