Monday, December 16, 2013

Funky Frog Slime

Big sister got her  lil brother  a funky frog slime.  They both love to  play with this kind of stuff so I understand why she got this for him as a gift because they can both enjoy it.  It's funny that  they are both thinking of  themselves when getting a present for each other.  To them, well if I am giving this to  him/her, will I be able to play and use it too?  I am glad they are that way though because they can play together with what they  got for each other.

Will upload  how  the funky frog slime look like in a bit.  Gotta cook breakfast first.

This  grosses me out but my kids love playing with it lol


  1. I think that funky frog slime can make them creative on the different ways to use it.

  2. ok slime is the bomb best stuff ever made. i love playing with it with my son is is so gooey and slimy best ever

  3. oh dear, i tried touching those slimy thing and they are just really slimy.

  4. What is that thing?? ha ha I don't think I want to play with slime if I will have to clean the mess later lol. It's good your kids love it and they can play together.

  5. Oh yuck! Definitely something my boys would love....and perfect for stocking stuffers :)

  6. I think it is great that they play so well together and buy each other gifts. My oldest always forgets my youngest and we have to cover for him every year.

  7. Looks like one groosly fun. LOL! My husband taught the kids how to make some ooey gooey slimey things at school too as part of their science class. He went to the Kindergarten class were Harley's at and the kids thought it was fun. :)


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