Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Children Attending Church

Going to church is a chore for many people, but not for those attending services where Pastor Ed Young is preaching at. He has a dynamic personality that just never quits, providing uplifting and inspirational services to those attending services. His services include the typical sermon, plus engaging music, particularly for the younger parents with his Parent Map Rap series. Getting the entire family involved is something Pastor Ed Young is extremely passionate about. His own family consists of his wife of more than thirty years, and their four children. He has written fourteen books on marriage and family, with his wife, Lisa, helping to co-author several of them. 
My daughter's class during their St. Day Mass at St. Joseph Church
Pastor Ed Young is not your typical senior pastor. He enjoys encouraging those listening to him to put biblical lessons and concepts to work in their every day lives. These include all aspects of life, from family to being an employee to leading others at work to inner reflections when answering God's call. Making his congregation think and reflect on how the world pulls on them so they are better able to fight Satan's influence in their lives is something this fun-loving pastor takes very seriously. His leadership in the church is focused on creating an awareness of how individual people can make a difference, and why they should work on making themselves better people. While he does this, he is always able to encourage those struggling with everyday problems, without judging and condemning those seeking advice and biblical knowledge. Judging and condemning people is often the reason people will leave a church, and Pastor Ed Young works hard to discourage this. God's purpose in someone's life is always the most important aspect, and Pastor Ed Young truly believes that God does not want people to be discouraged. Peace and joy is not just a blessing, but also a commandment, and Pastor Ed Young knows how to help people find their portion.

Encouraging others in the ministry field is one of Pastor Ed Young's favorite passions. Doing this touches more than just the pastors and ministers learning, but also touches those who will benefit from what they have learned. Spreading the Gospel and helping others from all types of backgrounds brings a lot of personal satisfaction to his own personal life. He uses Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to help spread his biblical teachings, using different lessons, questions posed, and videos, as well as short stories and inspirational sayings, including Bible verses. On Youtube, his videos include him performing his Parent Map Rap during services. In these videos, he explains how to parent children from a biblical perspective. Using music, especially rap, helps the congregation stay engaged, remember the lyrics, and then implement what they've learned, increasing the joy and peace within their own families.

Like many other famous people, Pastor Ed Young has found that different people have attempted to impersonate him. If you would like to interact with Pastor Ed Young on Facebook, please make sure you are 'Liking' the official Ed Young Jr Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pastor.ed.young and not another page.


  1. Pastor Ed is really admirable and he's also passionate in what he does.

  2. The kids look great. I'm so delighted with kids who loves to go to church.

  3. Always nice to see families who are active in church. Nice pic :)

  4. It's nice to have a paster like Pastor Ed. It's always nice to have someone who continues to aids people and young children to their spiritual path. :)

  5. God bless you Pastor Ed for the ministry that you are doing. It is good to see your daughter with other kids in the church. They all look so happy

  6. Kids enjoy Church since they also meet friends during church.


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