Thursday, November 14, 2013

Turkey Hunting? Not Allowed

If you want to  have some good idea on what to do with your shoe boxes, try this craft that Ms. Burrito brought from school,  a turkey habitat inside the   show box.

Since Thanksgiving is coming up, turkey will be  the most  likely to be served during Thanksgiving feast.  She said that to protect Momma turkeys,  No Hunting sign at a  turkey habitat  could prevent it.


  1. That's very nice of little Ms. Burrito. I hope the turkeys will be spared this year. Can we not have Thanksgiving without turkeys? Say, instead of turkey, let's have tofu? Just saying... :)

  2. You know I forgot about diorama's I need to do this with Leo. :) thanks for reminding me of something I did as a kid :)

  3. This is cute too, I love the no hunting sign! As much as I love turkeys I hate that they are hunted lol :)


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