Monday, September 2, 2013

Funkiest Deck Chair Designs of the Summer

If you have a nice garden, you probably want to use it in order to enjoy the sunny weather. What better way to relax is there than sitting by the pool on your favorite deck chair? A lot of people are looking to have the trendiest and funkiest designs when it comes to deck chairs like the ones you can find at   If you are in the market for some cool, new designs this summer, here are a few suggestions.

1. Eco deck chair
Being green is really cool at the moment so, if you are part of that movement, you could show your support with a couple of eco designer deck chairs. You can get them in a variety of styles, but the principle is basically the same in that they are made using natural or recycled material. More often than not, the wood is recycled, the canvas is made from natural cotton and vegetable inks are used for prints.
2. Wideboy deck chair
Not all chairs have to be designed for a single person. If you have someone who you want to lounge around with, then the wideboy deck chair is a perfect choice. Like the eco design, you can find plenty of colors and prints to suit your preferences, but all of them are made wide enough to fit two people.
3. Deck chair + stool combo
This is the ultimate comfort combination. When you feel like really lounging, this deck chair features a vintage style that also includes a top to protect your head from the sun and, more importantly, an extra stool that folds out so you can recline all the way back.
When you are looking for a few new pieces to decorate your backyard with, visit and you will be pleasantly surprised with all the variety and quality you experience.


  1. awawesome deck chair i love them

  2. i love the color of the first one. and i love the fact that vegetable ink is used.

  3. Those are pretty deck chairs! I would love to have the blue stripped one for our rooftop. :)

  4. Sis, I've been clicking on the "like" button on FB but it always turns back to zero. FYI lng.


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