Friday, August 30, 2013

Plan for her Tree

Ms. Burrito suggested that we should put a round seating area under her tree.  I must admit that even when it is very hot outside, you can   lay  down underneath the tree and it's  relaxing.

I told her that when the tree gets a little taller, we might do that.


  1. That is very nice to think of that. She is all about family bonding.

  2. It's been hot really lately, even for us here that lives nearby the beach. I don't even want to go anywhere because the heat is biting our skin.

  3. Love shady spots like this! Beautiful idea!

  4. She does have great plan, it's nice to sit under the tree anyway.

  5. aw what a beautiful tree she has

  6. oh dear, her tree is getting huge and very lively, just like your little girl.

  7. such a nice plan, i always wanted to have a tree with comfortable seats below it and what great way to do than to lie down and eat or even take a nap,

  8. That is the perfect place for seating for sure! Under the shady trees in summer is so nice!

  9. i love the idea,, it's truly relaxing to stay under the tree and breath in the fresh air

  10. Replies
    1. Hi Len, It is a weeping Cherry Tree.


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