Friday, August 23, 2013

Helpful Study Hints that Will Help You Score High in Chemistry

In school, there are some subjects that are easy to grasp and some, such as Chemistry, that just seem to befuddle us every time we open the book. Thankfully, taking chemistry tuition regularly can be extremely advantageous for a student and help him really learn different aspects of the subject without any difficulty.

A number of students have already benefited a great deal from following easy tips on how to study Chemistry. This is why tuition Singapore classes are so useful. A good tutor would help you to learn the subject in such a way that you are able to understand and grasp the concepts well. You can start by following good study habits and adhering to your study routine every day.

The first and foremost important tip to follow when you are studying chemistry is to put in practice every single day. Leaving all the studying for one or two nights before a test will simply not help. You need to start early and, as one does with everything else, take it slow and steady.

Highlight the important sections and make the required notes whenever possible: this is a step that will be encouraged by your tutor. While it is good to read everything, there are many topics that have greater importance and learning them thoroughly would help you out at exam time.
Make use of mnemonic devices and short forms of words to make studying easier: as you know, in chemistry, there are a lot of things to memorize and it can all get very confusing. Taking the first letter of elements together and creating a list of words that are familiar to you and easier to remember would help you out a great deal.

Make a time-table: If you try to cram in too much study material all at once, it will not help you in any way. In fact, you are more likely to end up tired and stressed out. Thus, dividing your time well is very important. Assign a certain time slot for different topics so that you can have a thorough learning of each topic.

Read and re-read: When you are reading about a new topic in chemistry, you need to put in some amount of effort in understanding new concepts. Hence, reading the material many times over can be helpful. You can also make notes and list down questions that you might not know the answers to. It is only with a thorough reading of a certain chapter that you would be able to locate areas where you need help.

Solve as many problems as you can: Chemistry is, after all, a subject that deals with a number of chemical formulate. Hence, practicing how to solve these problems can help you score immensely in tests.

Chemistry tutors in Singapore help students by making use of such helpful tips and encouraging them to read and study this subject every day. As long as one follows the right study methods, he will find that learning chemistry is not so difficult to do and he can score high marks in his examinations.

James Liao a.k.a The Educationist of Singapore, a MASTERS scholar from NTU, has been on the forefront of Singapore's education fabric for more than a decade. Through this period he has helped many students improve from F9 to A1 in Chemistry, Physics, A.Maths and E.Maths. As a result, these same students managed to qualify for Junior Colleges and most of them have already graduated from NTU, NUS and SMU.

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