Saturday, July 6, 2013

8 Years Ago Today

8 years ago today, we were in the delivery room
Mommy was feeling the pain but it was okay
We couldn't wait to see our baby girl
We couldn't wait to hold you.

8 years ago today, our heart were racing  in fear
Your heartbeat stopped as we look at the monitor
Your umbilical cord wrapped around your neck
So they all took Mommy in the C-Section room.

8 years ago today, God blessed the Doctor and the nurses.
God helped them save you from death
We finally heard your first cry
I thank God everyday for saving you that day.

8 years ago today, I am blessed to have a daughter like you
Life is wonderful with you with us my dearest one
Your wits, your smile, and everything that God gave you
It makes life a bliss with you around.

8 years ago today, we feel so blessed
No amount  of wealth could surpass that joy you bring
Mommy and Daddy will be grateful each day
That we have you, baby.

8 years ago today, I became a mother
You changed me into a whole new person
You made me realized that motherhood  is a gift
A gift that is full of laughter and joy.

8 years ago today,  you make our lives complete
You filled our home with pride and joy
You bring so much happiness
that any one could wish

8 years ago today, you filled our hearts with  so much love
You will always be our Baby Love, our  one and only princess
You and your brother are our precious gems,
the King and Queen of our Hearts!

~ Mom ~

Happy Birthday!
We love you very much Baby Love!

-Mom, Dad, and EJ-


  1. Happy and Healthy and FUN birthday wishes coming your daughters way and for all the years to come. Beautiful poem.

  2. time really flies! happy birthday Ms. Burrito. all the best + don't grow up too fast, right? ;)

  3. That is the sweetest thing ever, you have me in tears. Happy birthday to your daughter.

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Glad everything worked out ok when you had her.

  5. happy birthday to your beautiful baby girl

  6. Awww! What a miracle baby she is :-) Happy birthday precious and pretty girl and wish all your wishes will come true :-)

  7. What a sweet birthday post! We did the csection option too because we wanted a healthy baby! So thankful for modern medicine and doctors who knew what to do! Happy birthday to your 8 year old!

  8. you are so blessed to have her! my son's celebrating his 8th (also) birthday today July 8. Happy birthday precious girl!

  9. Getting bigger and bigger and prettier. Happy birthday. she's adorable

  10. Happy birthday to your daughter. She is growing prettily!

  11. Aaawww! soon you will have teenager in the family mami rose :) she looks like a fine young lady.

  12. Happy Birthday to your baby. She has grown into a fine woman just like her mommy.

  13. Happy birthday miss burrito!

  14. oh this touches my heart so much!!! she is a very lovely little girl and are lucky to have her and she is blessed to have you for parents...please kiss the cutie for me :)

  15. Have a blessed birthday to ur baby girl. :)

  16. Happy Birthday to your pretty little angel..

  17. Happy birthday to your little princess! Wow! 8 years old pa pala sya :)

  18. I remember doing a similar poem for my eldest daughter.A mother's love really brings out our inner creativity. Happy Birthday to your daughter, Ms. Burrito. I think I will have to read back on your posts to discover why you refer to her as such.

  19. What a beautiful masterpiece from a sweet doting Mom for an equally beautiful daughter!

    Belated happy birthday, Ms. Burrito! I can't believe you have grown up so quick!

    Love and hugs!

  20. so toching naman ang poem mo. Happy Birthday Ms. Burrito.
    8 years from now
    a sweet young lady
    will flashes her sweet glow
    that will make her parents proudly happy.

  21. YOur Ms. Burrito is very pretty, a very girly girl. Wait another few years and your heart will start pounding when boys start calling her. :-)

  22. Such sweet love poem from a loving mom to her 8 year old little lady. :)

  23. Happy birthday to your baby love rye, dalaga na : God is good talaga.

  24. Happy 8th birthday pretty girl :-) You are one gorgeous girl and a model in the making too :-) May your wish came true on your special day :-)

  25. Happy Birthday to your little princess and also congratulations for winning the Best Commenter Blogger for 2012! :)

  26. Lovely young lady that is growing up much too fast.

  27. Lovely smile on your young one's face! A beautiful tribute post to her special day - and yours!


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