Tuesday, May 14, 2013

To My Mom on Mother's Day!

Dear Mommy,

I thank you for  everything that you do for me and my brother.
I am glad that you are working at home
I can't even imagine  how it would be like if you work outside home
I don't want anyone to babysit us,  that would be so sad
Me and my brother  are so lucky to have you all the time.

I am grateful that you don't send us to school with an empty stomach.
Thank you for  getting us ready everyday.
I know that you get upset when me and my brother don't listen
I know that you get disappointed when  we are not getting along
But Mommy, I do appreciate everything that you do and tell us.

Thank you for volunteering in school
It makes me proud that you help our school
Thank you for the  reminders, the kisses, the hugs, and the love and care!
You are the best Mommy ever.
I Love You!

Happy Mother's Day!


Ms. Burrito a.k.a Baby Love


  1. Awww... so sweet of Ms. Burrito Rose. Happy MOther's day to you too. God bless most your family Rose.

  2. She’s so sweet! How I wish my daughter will also write a poem for me when she’s old enough to do it.. Happy Mother’s day to you sis Rose.

  3. My heart is melting. :) I remember the time when my daughter used to give me love letters when she was the same age as Ms. Burrito. It's different story now when she became a teen ager. Anyway, I'm glad she shows her affection and appreciation in everything you have done for her as a mom. You are surely raising a fine young lady there. :)

    Happy Mom's Day sis!

    Ria C

  4. Such a sweet letter from a sweet lovely girl. I got teary eyes while reading this. Happy Mother's Day Rose.

  5. That is so sweet. Thank you for sharing. I hope you had an amazing Mother's Day.

  6. awwwww teary eyed here.....Ms. Burrito is just the sweetest...I think I keep mentioning I am her fan, have you told her? ...wish I could be with my kids 24/7 too :) you are raising them very well and it is always my pleasure getting updates from your beautiful family...

  7. Oh that is so nice! How thoughtful of your daughter.

  8. I love those hand made gifts from children. This is precious

  9. It brought tears to my eyes :-) such a sweet and pretty girl you have :)

  10. How nice the feeling when a child appreciates what a mother does in an every day basis.

  11. oh, how sweet, love how she expresses how great a mom you are to her, Rose. you are so blessed to have raised such sweet, caring and thoughtful daughter.

  12. yay! ang sweet naman ng daughter mo! this made your day even more special for sure! :) congrats!

  13. Happy Mother's Day Ate Rose! :)

    Ms. Burrito is so sweet! ♥

  14. So sweet of your daughter to wrote you a poem on Mother's Day.
    If I would be given a chance to become a mom, I would surely want to become a dedicated mom to my daughter/son too.
    Happy Mother's DAy!

  15. Very sweet and thoughtful kid. I'm sure she truly appreciate everything you did for her. and i'm sure she will grow up to be such a wonderful daughter.

  16. lovely sis... your kid is very good in expressing her heartfelt gratitude and appreciation. you're blessed!

  17. That is a wonderful Mother's day letter from your Ms Burrito. so touching.


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