Thursday, May 2, 2013

Educating Our kids

It's never too early to educate our  children with important   things that will   make a big impact in their adult life.  We talk to our kids about the  consequences of   smoking and drinking.  We always told them that the reason why both Mom and Dad doesn't smoke or drink is that because we want to spend   our lives with them as long as we can.  So even if there is a lot discount cigars online, it never crossed our minds to  start this kind of  vice.  As parents, we have to  set ourselves as  good example to our kids.


  1. nice seeing them enjoying themselves:)

  2. This is a very nice. But we just can't help that there are teenagers nowadays who enjoy smoking.

  3. May our children be always guided properly so they make the right choices when exposed to smoking.

    Hi Sis, ngayon lang ako nkapaground. April was a crazy month. I had no internet for two weeks, then I flew to Pinas for a quick vacay.


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