Friday, February 22, 2013

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Last Monday was Ms. Burrito's first confession. She received the second sacrament of being a Catholic.  It is a very important sacrament as the kids learn how to ask for forgiveness.  We came very early to church so I had the chance to  take a picture of her in front of the altar while  there were still no people in the church.
We took our son with us even though he was not feeling very well because he wanted to see how is it done as he will be doing the same  in a couple of years.  There were two priests and one of them was the one who baptized both of our kids.  We let our daughter confessed to him.  After the confession, my husband  has accompanied  Ms. Burrito to different stations where teachers  gave them something that is relevant to the sacrament of reconciliation.  My husband taught it was a very special bonding as he got to pray with her silently.
They serve some snack and beverage after the confession.
Ms. Burrito receive a book of prayers, a candle, certificate and a necklace with a pendant that says "Forgiveness: Heals and Renews".
Here's the funny part, before the  reconciliation, we practiced her the whole process.  I acted as a priest.  After she recited the necessary  prayers, I asked her

Me:  What are you going to confess?
Ms. B.  That I  fight with my brother sometimes.
Me:  Doesn't it happen all the time?
Ms. B.  (Looked at me smiling and said).. Yeah, I guess.

We both laughed.

It was a  very beautiful experience both for the kids and parents.


  1. Bravo Rylie! Good job on doing your first confession. Jesus is so proud of you! Congrats to your family sis Rose :D

  2. Loving wishes to Rylie ~ and to the family ~ ^_^

  3. Confessing our sins before God - we want to do better and the forgiveness of sin is a wonderful new beginning. A wonderful place for Rylie to be, and knowing of Gods ove. Congratulations!

  4. congratulations to your daughter, confessing our sins before God is a very important healing process for us, it always keep us back to the ways Jesus taught us to follow. your daughter is very pretty and i love the practice you two had. :)

  5. Happy for you Rylie. Good job and Congrats! Your site is too cool...

  6. That's very awesome of you and your husband Ate Rose for being so supportive of you kids to be good Christians. This reminds me of my first confession :)

  7. You are raising the kind of children that I want to lead our Country in the future. Forgiveness...what a special word, and how wonderful that we can know the forgiveness of our sins, and be reconcilled to God... Love how you are raising you children.

  8. wow, such a great achievement...galing!

  9. Congratulations to your daughter, Rose. Mine has not been to her first confession yet. Maybe she’ll have it next school year. It’s nice to see our children grow within their faith in God. By that way they will be closer to Him and will live as good Christians as they grow older.

  10. Big day for your little girl.
    Joy - ABC Team

  11. You have a wonderful family.Congrats to your daughter.

  12. I have little about Roman Catholics doctrine but I must agree, exposing your child to church will further establish his/her fellowship with God.

  13. Good job Ms. Burrito! You did very well! :)

    Makes me remember of my own experience when I did this when I was in the 4th grade.

  14. Awww! Congrats to your pretty daughter Sis Rose for receiving her first confession :-) She is so pretty with her outfit :-) I love the practice...made my day :-) such a sweetheart she is :-) Beautiful pictures as well :-)

  15. We all must become as little children for forgiveness. What a beautiful ceremony--she looks lovely.

  16. I am Protestant, kaya di ko po mashadong alam kung anu yan.. Pero nakikita ko pong maganda sya para sa mga bata.. Maganda yan na habang bata pa, may personal relationship na sila sa Panginoon! =)

  17. that's good, she received another holy sacrament...:) great job rye! sis, i am sure you and your hubby's proud of her. :) anyway, i hope mr. burrito's doing fine now. btw, i love the practice, :)


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