Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Birthday in School

Yesterday was our sons birthday.  We decided to just serve snack to his classmates instead of hosting a party at home.  We   also  gave them some loot bags with different  stuff such as  candy treats, school supplies, and toys.   My son was very happy that we did that, he was very proud. I bought a big bag of candy from a   bulk candy store and  I was glad that it has different contents to it.  My son was funny because he wanted  a treat bag,  so me and my daughter  prepared him one and gave it to him. 

I am glad that my husband  agreed not to host a party this time because my daughter is sick and I won't be able to do the cooking.  My son also agreed  which is a plus and he got  extra presents for that lol. Time flies doesn't it?  I can't believe  my son is now six years old.  I feel like  it was just few months ago when I gave birth to him.  Time  can really slip by  without you noticing it.  I am glad that I got to spend most of my time with my two children.  It's worth putting  my career aside because  the time with my children is priceless!

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