Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sarris Candies Delivery

My Burritos' school is very small so we always help out  the best way we could whenever they have fund raising activities.  Selling candies is mostly during  Easter and Christmas.  Our neighbor, whom my kids called their Lolo or grandpa, helped them  taking orders from  our other  neighbors,  so we had a little big of an order this year.  Thanks Don!

 The Burritos' decided to make a card for each person who  made an order from them.  Ms. Burrito  wrote the message while Mr. Burrito drew on the other side of the card.  Children's messages are eXtra special, isn't it?  Can't think  of any good X word today so I hope it's okay if I  cheated  a  bit lol.


  1. I use to help na school, do volunteer work and fund raising on my youngest school when we were still in Okalhoma. We never tried selling candy though. But i bet this is fun for kids.

  2. it was actually a touching card, even if it is not perfect knowing they exert effort for their work

  3. wow! loads of candies! i bet the little ones had a wonderful time selling in your neighborhood! ^_^

  4. Rose,

    I admire the way you are raising your children. They are going to grow up to be fantastic adults!
    Thanks for sharing your blue.

    Happy Blue Monday and Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Sally, that means a lot coming from a teacher and parent like you!

  5. so thoughtful of your Burrito...good job baby! Merry Christmas!

  6. its nice to help out and looks like your kids loves what they are doing and are so involved with it. good training keep it up

  7. Awe! That is so sweet of them to even take time to write a wonderful Christmas card. So thoughtful! And it is so nice that there are people who are willing to support the school's fund. :) Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year to you and your family mommy, Rose.

  8. lots of cheating w X. it's OK
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. What a sweet and very responsible thing to do! Great post.

  10. Very thoughtful of your kids :-)

  11. Love your desire to write thank yous to your school supporters! I plan to share that with students I work with. Very sweet. Your concert looked wonderful! Hope Christmas brought you many things. happy New Year and thanks for hosting a blog for my snowmen to visit.


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