Monday, October 15, 2012

Kool Katz

I receive a free copy of Groove Kid Nation's Music in Motion called Kool Katz.  I played it  at home yesterday and  my  Burritos did their groovy moves.  This  CD is all about musical  instruments, a great and groovy way for kids to learn music.  I  just wish that this is available in VCD so the kids can also learn the moves that they are portraying in the songs.  But overall, as a Mom, I like their music.  A pretty good beat for the kids to stay in their feet and  dance as they listen to the catchy music.  Thank you so much Groove Kid Nation for this free copy of kids song!
If you want to check out this CD, just visit the link I have provided above.   I highly recommend this.  It's fun to do for the kids during weekends.

Disclaimer:  I did not receive any compensation for this post , however, I receive a free copy of the product. Therefore this is not a sponsored post,  opinion is 100% mine.


  1. my daughter just started with the clarinet
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Kids do have a lot of 'groovy' choices these days!

  3. I should get this for my little one, It sounds great! Thanks!


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