Monday, September 24, 2012

Scholastic Printables

I was so happy that both of my kiddos are doing  excellent in school.  They brought home their first  progress report and  was so pleased to see their ratings.  Now, I can say that it's all wort it when I decided to teach them at home instead of sending them to school for their pre-school year.  When they entered kindergarten, they  are   ready for the challenges.  I even got a  praise from my daughter saying "You're the best teacher Mom!"  I feel good that I  taught them the basic stuff that they need to learn before they started  the "real" school.   The great thing about teaching your kids is that you can basically get materials such as  math worksheets for 4th graders online.  These tools are really helpful for an effective teaching whether at the school or at home.  Scholastic Printables offer a wide range of topics that covers  different subjects from Pre-K to 8th grade.  So if you ever  need some materials to use  in your teaching activity, check out the  link I have provided above, they have plenty of useful materials.  Below are the report cards of my kids.  

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  1. "You're the best teacher mom." whew, that phrase is priceless! congratulations for having such bright and sweet kiddos :-) online tools do help a lot indeed :D


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