Friday, September 21, 2012

Little Model

My  own little model is always ready for photo opportunity.  As a Mom, I love taking pictures of them so that when they grow up, they would see it and look back to their  childhood years.  Aside from clothes,  my little  girl love  to  showcase her shoes when  she's posing in front of the camera.  She loves wearing shoes  with heels and  she can't wait till she can wear her boots again.  

We were eating our dinner tonight and she suddenly remember Abby Sciuto, the character that Pauley Perette  has in NCIS TV series.      My daughter would  always ask why  Abby is wearing a dog collar and her shoes has spikes in it.  I told her that her style is  Goth and I showed her the same shoes that I  found at Jildor such as the  jeffrey campbell shoes.  Most of  Jeffrey Campbell shoes selection has spikes in it.  I like the Bullet-2 Platform Pump Black leather that they have.  It is so chic and stylish.

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