Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Investing in Gold Coins

My husband ignited  our children's interest in collecting stuff when he showed them his old stamp and old coin collections.  Now both of our children collect things like rocks, buttons, bottle caps and such.  Here's my son looking at the coins that  his Dad collected over the years.  We actually looked at the value of some of his collection and some   has a high value and some  are just average.  Collecting as a hobby is pretty cool because you never know if the  stuff you are collecting is worth a lot  as time goes by.  

However,  if you really want  a good  collection, you can invest to an American eagle gold coin and  watch your investment go big like a  balloon in years.  If I have  a lot of  resources, I would  invest into this kind of venture because  it can be worth  in the years to come.  The important thing to remember though, before investing into  coins is to make sure that the  company you are  investing your money into, is authentic.  You don't want to be  a victim of fraud  and believe me, there are people out there that are good in deceiving  others.  So to make sure that your investment is in good hands, check out  the company's  standing and reputation in the market.  

How about you, do you collect  as a hobby?  Do you venture into this kind of investment?  You may leave me your opinion about  investing into gold coins at the comment section.

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