Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Date with my Daughter

Hubby and I decided to buy a camping tent because we are planning to go camping before this summer ends. To make sure that the set was complete, we set it up at our backyard.  
Our Burritos agreed that  they will be  sleeping out that night but Mr. Burrito backed out lol.
So to avoid  disappointment from Ms. Burrito, I decided to join in with her.  Look who  jumped in  the tent as well?  It's Bolt, he did not want to miss the fun!
We had some snacks and drinks.
This Coleman Sunset Dunes tent  is wide enough to  fit a queen size  mattress.
I used our sleeping bag that we bought in Korea.  Ms. Burrito used the sleeping  bag that she  received as a gift from Tita Demcy.
I never experienced camping in my life so it was my first time.  Even though it was at our backyard, I have so many things running in my mind that  night lol.
It was a full moon so we  had Bolt with us, he served as our guard dog that night.
We slept soundly the entire night.  It was a very special date with my daughter.


  1. Wow!
    Ang saya naman nito Ate Rose! <3

  2. what a fun family adventure! your kids are so tall now, sis! here for Blue Monday!

  3. Looks like so much fun! Great tent too! Thanks for contributing to Mandarin Orange Monday.

  4. That is a blue-tiful tent!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Rose!

  5. Splendid shots, indeed! A wonderful family you have!

    Cheers ... visiting from Blue Monday!

    Not really my Blue Monday post (have another), but I'm sure you'll also find this interesting:

  6. reminds us of our daughter camping in the backyard,many years ago.Interesting camera perspective.

  7. Love all the orange in these photos! Looks like you all has a really special time!

  8. My God! This is amazing. I love this tent and camping out.

  9. Lovely trip to your backyard! Thanks for visiting my blog... :)

  10. heisann!

    Oh, how cool. Smart to have a test and sleep in the tent before camping for real. Lovely 'visit company' you had ;:OD)

  11. I too did not experience camping before, so my family camped at my balcony one night because we do not have any backyard.

    It was fun too to watch stars blinking.

  12. We used a lot of Coleman products when we camped!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  13. that is so cool sis. one way to save electricity in the house too. hehehe cute!

  14. Camping in the still camping.
    Glad you had fun.

  15. Wonderful. Kids are having really good fun here.

  16. Wow, really touch a mother's heart. I remember me and my husband went to a small island with a boat and camped there at night. And believed me, I didn't sleep much- I thinked of snakes or bears and every creature tht can come inside the tent. Tha was the first and the last. hi hi
    By the way, hope you visit and follow my other blog too: Thanks

  17. Your date with your delightful daughter and dedicated dog was definitely fun to read.

  18. This is so sweet mommy Rose. I just told my husband that we should campout in our own yard before our move next week since the weather at night has been nice and coold. We will see this weekend. How fun! :)

  19. What a wonderful adventure to have with your daughter. She'll cherish the memory for years.

  20. Wonderful Pics ! I know your kids will enjoy it , I loved camping with my family when I was a kid.


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