Wednesday, November 19, 2014

EJ's Class Saint Day

Hubby and I went to church today to attend the mass for the second grader's Saint Day mass.  Saint Elizabeth is their class saint.   She was known for helping poor people which is a very valuable  lesson that  kids need to learn.  Each second graders brought some  canned goods  to give to their chosen  charity.  They put it at the wagon and  presented in front of the altar during the presentation of the gifts.
Glad that both of my kids doesn't have  stage fright.
I recorded part of the readings.

They sung a song  after the mass (video below).
The mass was attended by classes from Kindergarten to 4th grade.
Next year, my kids will be separated because  our daughter will be in  the 5th grade.  They will no longer have the same schedule for lunch and for the masses.  I am  happy to see them  grow but at the same time, I am sad that they are growing up so fast.


  1. very nice to see him part of the eucharist.... and they all have a nice way to share or donate at the church

  2. ang cute ni pogi....I love his outfit! Honga sis ano, our kids grow up so fast!

  3. This is very nice! That's such a great way to donate. I think kids can learn a lot from that. They did a wonderful job on the performances too!

  4. This is a nice class activity that exposes the kids to the good deeds of the saints and teaches them to be good to others, too. EJ's becoming more good-looking by the day.

  5. Well done kids! Hope you keep the spirit of giving alive even if the others will not. :)

  6. Congrats EJ for not being scared on the podium. When I was your age, I used to speak in front of many people but for some reason, as I grew older, I started getting sick to my stomach whenever I had to go up the stage. So that's what it was called - stage fright! hahaha...

    Kudos to the family who always support their youngs to be active in their spiritual life and community. Way to go! And savor those moments while they are young and while you can still hug, kiss and hold their hands. Yes, they grow up fast and the best thing you can do is capture every memory of their childhood just like what you're doing now.

  7. yeah time flies kasi noh.. prang ayaw ko maexperience na gs2.. - conflict feelings of motherhood LOL

  8. I really love the fact that your children got to do something like this. If only more kids could, I think the world would be better off. Love the videos by the way!


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