Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Imagine a Beautiful Birth

Before I  go on with the details about the expert Austin midwives, let me tell you what  has transpired  during Holy Week at our end.

We had a very busy week during the Easter holiday.   We took the opportunity to  do our landscaping project  while  the kids are off from school and hubby had a four-day weekend.  We had a fun-filled weekend  with family and friends.  Aside from celebrating the occasion  with the family, some Filipino friends also invited us to an egg-hunting  get together at Starvaggi Park.  The kids had a blast and I enjoyed some delicious  Pinoy foods!

 I also got to see the  one-month old baby of one of the Filipinas who attended the  party.  She said that her baby was 8 pounds and 8 ounces big when  she was born.  Oh my goodness, I thought my son was huge but her baby outweighed  my son lol.  But anyhow, we were teasing her because she said that she told her hubby that there would be no  love-making in two years hahaha.  I was amazed the she delivered the baby  normally considering that she  is a  skinny woman.  

But anyhow, seeing the baby reminds me of my two pregnancies.    We almost lost our first born when her  umbilical cord wrapped around her neck and her heartbeat stop.  I was going to deliver the baby normally but that situation occurred so I was rushed to the emergency  room  and had the C-Section.    I was thankful that my OB Gyne and the nurses were  so good that they  managed to saved our   baby. 

Being pregnant is a joyous experience but   very challenging  at the same time.  You never knew what's ahead of you during the pregnancy that is why, it is  important to  be ready  for all the possibilities.  The link I have provided above caters to the Birthing Center in Austin.  The place have  well-trained and well-experienced  midwives that could help pregnant women enjoy a beautiful birth.

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