Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Outdoor Fun

The whole week this week is a great blessing for us  because God   gave us great weather.  I have been away from blogging this week because we want to really enjoy the beautiful  weather that we have.  We decided to buy our daughter a bike  last weekend so she could also ride a bike and not just our son.  They have been riding it everyday after school.  It also gave me and my husband time to  have some exercise outside.  I did some cleaning in the garden yesterday morning and today, hubby and I  transferred one of the trees in front of our lawn. 

Hubby and I haven't made any solid plan to what  are we going to do for our vacation this year.  We might not have a  big  vacation that we want to do due to some  financial reason but we  are considering things like doing outdoor fun activities like going to one of the   nature attraction near the area.   Adirondack Camps is one of the many websites we came across to when we search for    summer activities that we could do.  The kids wants to go to the ocean but  I am hesitant to do it  especially that they  don't really know how to swim.  They are a little young to go to the ocean.

I can't wait till the kids are big enough so we could go for a Camp.  Our state has a lot of  good places to camp and that would be something that  we could do as a family.  We want to instill  to our kids' minds that doing things as a family is  very important .  I am glad that I married a guy that   gives a family  thing  a great deal.  I consider that a true gem and fortune.  To see more outdoor activities and places to go, please visit the links above.

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