Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Love for Gardening

Ever since I was a kid, I  always love  gardening.  My Mom would always tell me to  plant vegetables  at our backyard  but I was more interested in planting   ornamental ones to help beautify our small shanty.  When I came here in  the US, all the plants are very unfamiliar to me so I have to always look for tips on gardening from different sources online.  
I found some beautiful  arrangement of flowers online so if you are planning to buy your wife, your girlfriend, or your  Mom, check out the  internet flowers available at Serenata Flowers.  You can easily make your order and surprise your love one  with a beautiful  bouquet.  My husband used to surprise me with a bouquet when I was still living in the Philippines and he was stationed in Guam.  He would order it online and have it delivered at the school where a I work and   my friends would tease me for it.  It was great memory!

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