Thursday, June 4, 2015

EJ's First Communion

Our son, EJ, had his first communion on May 3rd.  It was  another big milestone for him.  He wore the tux that I got for him from BlaclnBianco. He was very excited but also very nervous.  I think he got that nervousness from me.  Whenever I have something new come up, I am always anxious and he is the same way. The big sister told him that it's easier than having the first confession.  
 It also gave me time to take some photos.  We went to church early because I wanted his nerves to calm down a bit before the ceremony starts.
 He was so anxious that he was going in and out of the church.  I had to follow him to make sure that he won't get mess in his clothes s we don't have time to  change him if that happens.
 I don't really remember  us having  ceremony like this for our first communion.  The only  thing official ceremony that I remember was when I was confirmed as I was already an adult.
 It makes me so happy that I was able to experience this for my kids.
 My daughter's classmate/friend encouraged her to  serve with her in the altar that day and I am glad that Ms. Burrito  agreed because she ended up liking it and we signed her up for it.
 An official photographer was there to take photos before the ceremony starts.  While he wwas cliking, I was taking snaps as well.
 Mrs. Plesa is a big part of both of my kids  lives.  She was their second grade teacher and she  does all the things about this event.
 Took some photos too with his classmates.
EJ did really well during the entire ceremony.  All of his nervousness went away as soon as he saw his friends.
 Fr. Manny  stopped by and have some photos taken with us.  Thanks Father.
  Our neighbors, the Howells, are always there to support us and I am so happy that  we have a family here in the neighborhood.  They're the one that always there for our kids and I thank God for them everyday.
In times like this, I  really do miss my family because  I know that if they are here, they will never miss to attend.
 I thank God for this beautiful day.  The ceremony went mighty fine and we all had a great time afterwards.  


  1. Congratulations to him! He looks so handsome in his suit.

  2. Your kids are growing too fast sis, the last picture with your family are precious.

  3. Your little man looks so dapper in that tux. And congratulations to him :-)

  4. congratulations to him :) it's good that he seems to be enjoying the occasion.

  5. Your Burritos are growing to be a fine young man and a fine young lady. You are doing a great, great job Rose! You are one of my mommy peg.

  6. oh your little man is so handsome, especially when he is on that suit...sooooo huggeable...anyways, that first communion is indeed one of the blessed sacraments that we catholics should get. congratulation.

  7. Your son is handsome enough to pass as a model. As my mentor Pastor always says, Let your children grew up having close relation with God. And they will grow up fine.

  8. Congrats to your son Sis R for his first communion. I am so happy for him. He looks so handsome in his outfit.

  9. Despite being nervous, he looks so proud and excited to receive his First Holy Communion. Congratulations, EJ! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

  10. How handsome. This is a very important event for Catholic families. Congrats!

  11. Really a milestone for a child to have this First Holy Communion. Hope he will practice up to adulthood. Great and congrats!


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