Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year's Halloween once again was rainy, just like last year.  I wish that the City of Weirton would look at the weather situation and somehow schedule trick or treating  on the day where there's no rain.  I mean, some places have done and I think that it  is excellent that they think that way.  Trick or Treating without rain would be so much enjoyable for kids and for sure, they won't get sick.  Anyhow, rain or shine, our Burritos are ready to do it.  
 Ms. Burrito was wearing  Toy Story's Jessie costume  and the little Mister was wearing George Washington costume.  I wasn't able to   buy the  wig for  GW costume so we had to improvise.  I used  the wig for his MJ costume from last year and put some  powder on it to make it white.
 We only went  a few houses because the candies are not really worth it of them getting sick  due to the rain.  We went to our neighbor's houses first.  Below is a photo of them with Lolo and Lola Fancher's.
 At Bob and Alicia's house.
 With Tita Angie.
 With Tita Anita.
 We went to  Marland Heights in the hope of finding their  classmate but unfortunately we didn't see them.  They went trick or treating  to some houses and then we went home.
 It's funny that my daughter is not even into sweets but she was very eager to  get some candies.  She gave it all to her brother which I think is very sweet.
I hope that next year, Halloween wouldn't be raining. It would be much enjoyable.  


  1. They look so bubbly and cute! Haha! I think Halloween is much fun overseas than here in PH lol...

  2. Awe! They look adorable. Sorry the weather wasn't too pleasant for trick-or-treaters to go. But it looks like they got some sweet though. We didn't go to a lot of places either because it got freezing cold and windy here that night. But like you said, the candies aren't worth it.

  3. That's really to bad it rained. That always has a way of messing up Trick or Treating. I love their costumes. Good job. Love how your daughter gave her brother all the candy. I am guessing she is a fruit and veggie girl for snacks. My one granddaughter is the same way.

  4. awwww.. you do have such an adorable costumes for your kids, and they look good on it..true, halloween since i've started to celebrate it here seems that it's always rainy or was the 2nd time for me to join my husband and son since previous years were just way too cold outside.

  5. so cute! they've grown so fast...I love their costumes sis.

  6. I love your children's costume! Did they get a lot of candies?

  7. Lots of great pictures! I love it. They look like they had so much fun. I love their costumes too!

  8. They look so cute! I love their costumes! This year was the first not rainy Halloween here in a while. I hope that next year is better weather for you!


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