Saturday, October 1, 2011

Twistee Straws - Color Connection # 17

Welcome to another week of Color Connection, a meme where you can post your favorite color or just about any color that you want. Please join us every Friday and show us what color you are into this week.

Below is the twistee straws that the kids bought from the store.


  1. Those are some fun twisty straws. Visiting! Hope to join the meme again. :)

    Adin B

  2. ang all the colors...:) bukas na ako blog hop sis....mwahness!

  3. Hello Mommy Rose, ginamit ko ang mas madali siyang gamitin sa mga words at saka pang watermark nang mga photos mo. ^_^

  4. Cool straws :) love the curly ones. ^^

  5. These make for away to entertain the little ones. They love playing with them.

  6. very lively naman colors ng straw..colors that kids surely enjoy

    played this week

  7. love those straws! my boys will go gaga over them. right now, we use plain straws. My boys not only use them for sipping but turns them into toys too. so i had to buy them a set of straws to play with.

    Will post about them on the next color connections. Late again, hehe. Sorry sis, it did not register in my mind that color connections is every friday. But i got that covered now!

  8. Thanks everyone for playing along, greatly appreciated it.

  9. thanks rylie for visiting back. great that you love our digiscrap!if you wanna try the software we're using, ask mom to send me a pm at FB,okay, dearie?


It's always a pleasure to read what you have to say! Thank you!

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