Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ballet Lessons

We decided to enrol our daughter to a ballet dance lessons at Casey Sister's Dance Studio. We bought her stuff over at Athena's at downtown Weirton. I like the leotard with sleeves but the one available was very small so we bought the sleeveless one.
Athena's was surrounded with beautiful flowers, front and back. So we took our time taking photos.
Her first lesson was last Thursday. She would only attend one day a week for thirty minutes. I know that it isn't enough time to learn ballet but for the mean time that she is just starting, we figured she can try it there first for a month.

Our daughter love  ballet so far We are thinking of enrolling her into jazz too but let's see how the ballet works first.


  1. pretty ballerina :)

    wonderful trellis shadow

  2. You've gotta beautiful daughter:)
    That floral arch shadow is great!

    TQ for visiting n commenting on my post:Light and Shade.

  3. Sweet! brings back memories - my daughter took ballet lessons for 4 years, then she decided she didn't like wearing tights anymore...and would rather swim on the swim team :) best of luck with your lessons!!

  4. You are looking very stylish Ms. Burrito! :)
    Such lovely flowers and a wonderful shadow on the wall!

  5. Hope your daughter will like the lessons:)
    Lovely shadows on the walls.

  6. So lovely! Your daughter and your floral and shadow shots!

    Have a great Sunday!!

  7. She's adorable, how fun! I'm following you back on both blogs, have a great weekend!

  8. Hope your daughter enjoys her ballet lessons!

  9. Totally adorable! And I love that arbor shadow.

  10. She makes a very pretty ballerina. Swan Lake next? :) Lovely post, thanks again.

  11. what a pretty girl.

  12. How fun. Thank you for stopping in. I'm following you back! Have a great day. :)


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