Friday, September 9, 2011

Leron Leron Sinta - Color Connection # 9

Hello everyone, we are going to Disneyworld tomorrow so I wouldn't be available online for a week. I will leave you this short clips that my Mom recorded when I was trying to sing a Filipino folk song called Leron Leron Sinta. These were taken four months ago, she forgot to ost it in her blog so I am posting it here.

I need more practice on getting the words right hahaha. You can leave me suggestion on how I could sing better next time.


  1. Wow rylie you're a good singer .. Love you accent "). Its good that you love to sing tagalog song .. Next time bahay kubo hehhe :) Good job!

  2. Yehey! you got it.... 91!...hahaha...good job Rye, you can sing together with Akesha...anyway, my suggestions, dont listen to your mom because your mom doesn't know exactly on how to sing leron, leron sinta hahahaha.

    Have a good trip everyone!

  3. cute! you and akesha should sing together...hehehhe!

  4. i enjoyed the video...Rylie in American idol..wooohooo..:-)

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  5. weee thats good enough! two thumbs up:)

  6. My kids are watching your video!They love your voice!^_^

    Here's my entry for Color Connection:

  7. Thanks everyone for linking up.

  8. love it...i will show it to my little girl tomorrow! you must be back was your trip? i bet you had great time! have a great Monday. :)

  9. hahahahaha...
    so cute!!!!!! go rylie!

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    Have a great weekend.

  11. Awww cute!!! New follower from Stalker Sunday.

  12. American Idol here they come! Loved the video!

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