Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Warm Weather is Full of Fun

These were taken last month at my BIL's swimming pool out in Chester.  We also had a  small gathering for labor day celebration at their place last Sunday.  It was a little chilly but the kids plunged in the swimming pool anyway, now Mr. Burrito  is sick, sigh.
Mr. Burrito is not scared to go in the middle  of the  pool  using the noodle floater but Ms. Burrito just stay  in the shallow part.
My BIL gave this kite to Ms. Burrito, thanks Rick and Jill.  Below is a shot I took on our way home from my BIL's residence.
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Military VA Loan

The current state of our economy has made real estate a buyer's market. If owning a home is in your future plans, now is the time to make your move. House prices are at an unbelievable low and interest rates have all but bottomed out too. Go to and get into your dream home before prices go up.  If you are a service member or a veteran, this is the perfect time to make use of your benefit in buying a house through the VA loan.

The Military VA Loan helped us a lot  when we  bought this home five years ago.   With the VA backing up our loan, we never had any problem in closing the deal for this home.  They were there  guiding us through the whole process.   I think that it is one of the  many benefits that men and women who serve/serving the military should take advantage of especially now that the housing market is  low.  To know more about the military VA loan process, just visit  any of the links  provided in this post.

Home Sweet Home - Color Connection # 4

Hello everyone, welcome to the fourth round of Color Connection. My entry for this week is the house I built and designed on the computer for my Mom.
For those who are asking about the website where I create my fairies, here is the url (Mommy said it is called url) hehehe.

The linky will be at

Shoes - Color Connection # 6

First, I want to thank you all for the greetings you left at my blog, Mom's blogs, and Dad's. Your sweet messages always warms my heart.
My number SIX entry for Color connection are the SIX pairs of shoes/slippers that Mom and Dad bought us. Three for my brother and three for me.

Online Degrees for Working Professionals

A friend of mine who is an LPN called me last night and we had some good little chat about her baby and my children.  I used to babysit her child when she was still  a baby but now that she is mobile already, I couldn't do it anymore.  Anyhow, she told me that she is pursuing her nursing degree online.  I forgot what her  online school is but she said that she would  need a year and a half to finish her nursing  course.

Online education is a very good choice  for those working professionals who  wants to further their education.  They can  do their classes   at their  most convenient time at home.  One of the big universities online that offers different kinds of online courses is the   You can browse the  Walden University's online degree programs being offered by  visiting the link provided on this post.  also offers tuition and financial aid  for those who needs it.  To  learn about Walden and their offered programs and services, just visit